Norco Therapeutic Compression Glove - Tipless Finger Over Wrist Length

Norco Therapeutic Compression Glove - Tipless Finger Over Wrist Length

Brand/Manufacturer: NORTH COAST MEDICAL
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Norco Therapeutic Compression Glove provides warmth and compression for mild soft tissue edema and arthritic joint pain. This compression glove has an open slit in the cuff for simple application and a loose fit. Its exterior seams allow seamless swelling control and are constructed of soft, silky nylon Lycra.

Why Choose Norco Therapeutic Compression Glove

  • User can perform daily tasks without issue
  • Multiple sizes and styles for all circumstances
  • Provides compression therapy with tip-less fingers
  • Effective, non-invasive arthritis relief

Item # Desc Pkg Price
NC53220 X-Small, Left Each
NC53221 X-Small, Right Each
NC53222 Small, Left Each
NC53223 Small, Right Each
NC53224 Medium, Left Each
NC53225 Medium, Right Each
NC53226 Large, Left Each
NC53227 Large, Right Each

Norco Compression Gloves Features

  • Soothes pain and reduces swelling in arthritic hands
  • Norco Compression Gloves provide warmth and compression for soothing soft tissue edema and arthritic joint pain
  • Made of soft, silky nylon and spandex blend, with seams on the outside for smooth edema control
  • Open fingertips provide users complete freedom to feel, touch, and grip, so daily tasks can be hassle-free
  • Gloves provide 15 to 25 mm Hg of soft, gentle, even compression to edematous tissue
  • Over the Wrist Length measures 3" (7.6cm) proximal to the wrist crease

Note: To size, measure palm circumference

What to buy with Norco Tip-less Finger Compression Gloves

Deluxe Wrist Support

Deluxe Wrist Support

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North Coast Medical Roll Proof Writing Grips

Roll Proof Writing Grips

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 Key Turner III

Key Turner III

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How and when should you use Norco therapeutic compression gloves?

Norco compression gloves are used in a lot of treatments. The 2 most common treatments for which compression gloves are used are listed below:-


  • Arthritis is an informal way of referring to joint pain or joint disease.
  • People of all ages and sexes can have arthritis. It occurs more frequently as people get older.
  • Common arthritis joint symptoms include swelling, pain, stiffness, and decreased range of motion.
  • They may stay about the same for years but progress or worsen over time.
  • Severe arthritis can result in chronic pain and the inability to do daily activities.
  • Arthritis can cause permanent joint changes.
  • These changes may be visible, such as knobby finger joints, but often the damage can only be seen on X-ray.


  • Hand edema is inflammation, swelling, or fluid collection in hand. Edema is the body’s response to healing itself, but large amounts and/or long-term swelling can cause permanent impairment and affect one’s ability to perform daily activities.
  • Signs of acute edema are - Redness, warmth, throbbing, swelling, decreased mobility and use, tingling, numbness, and pain.
  • Chronic hand edema can be hard or soft and typically not warm, red, or throbbing; however, it can be painful and cause scarring and/or decreased function.

Norco Compression Gloves for Swelling FAQ

What do Norco Edema Glove do?

Ultimately, Norco Compression Gloves help to improve circulation and decrease swelling or edema. They can also stabilize certain muscles, joints, or other structures to help relieve pain.

Does compression clothing improve performance?

Wearing compression clothing after working out will enhance workout recovery by improving circulation and reducing delayed onset muscle soreness.

Can you wear compression garments while sleeping?

Unless your doctor tells you otherwise, avoid wearing compression garments while you sleep. Keep the area elevated if you can to help reduce swelling, but avoid sleeping in compression gear.

How to clean Norco Lymphedema Garments?

Lymphedema Garments must be washed every other day. Sweating may result in rapid breakdown of the garment and may require the garment to be replaced more often. Washing instructions are:

  • Hand wash in warm water using mild soap
  • Air dry

Size Chart of Norco Therapeutic Gloves

Sizes MP Circumference
X-Small Less Than 7"
Small 7" to 8"
Medium 7-1/2" to 8-1/2"
Large 8" to 10"


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