UPWalker Walking Aid - Upright Walker

UPWalker Walking Aid - Upright Walker

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UPWalker Walking Aid - Upright Walker is a revolutionary breakthrough in mobility that provides a solution to poor posture, instability, and pain from walkers and rollators. It enables users to walk upright in a safe and more secure posture. Upright walker improves mobility and increases independence for seniors, rehab patients, and users with neurological, cardiovascular, pulmonology, and other health disorders. It can help reduce wrists, back, and leg pain.

Why choose Upright Walker?

  • The lightweight 23-pound aluminum frame folds for easy transport
  • Comes fully assembled in graphite gray color
  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor use
  • Weight capacity - 300 lbs

Item # Desc Pkg Price
H00000-G1 Standard Walker Each
H200L1A1NS Standard Walker Large Each

Features of Upright Walker

  • Adjustable-Height Armrests: Simple armrest adjustment offers the perfect height in seconds. It enables users of varying heights to stand tall and look ahead with confidence and dignity.
  • Lockable Brakes: Ergonomic handbrakes are easy to use for better control, stopping, and parking.
  • Comfortable Seat: Fabric seat with backrest support slides front to back for sitting or walking.
  • Sit-To-Stand Handles: Cushioned handles make the transition between sitting and standing more comfortable and safer.
  • Multi-Terrain Wheels: Large 8-inch rubber wheels help to move smoothly over bumps and uneven surfaces.
  • Sturdy Frame: Offers stability and safety to the user.

Upright Walker User Manual
Upwalker Upright Walker FAQs

Components of UPWalker Upright Walker with Seat

  • Adjustable Foam Handgrip
  • Parking/Hand Brake
  • Beverage Holder
  • Armrest Pad
  • Personal Item Bag
  • Height Adjustment Tube
  • Backrest Support
  • Sit-to-Stand Assist Handles
  • Moveable Seat
  • Height Adjustment Memory Stop
  • Seat Rail
  • Sturdy Metal Frame
  • Front Wheel Locks
  • Eight Inch Rubber Wheels (for indoor or outdoor use)

Components of Stand Up Walker

Components of Upright Walker

What to buy with Stand Up Walker

When to use UPWalker Stand Up Walker?

  • Parkinson's Disease
  • Degenerative Spinal Disease
  • Sciatica
  • Stroke
  • Multiple Sclerosis
  • Balance Disorders
  • Traumatic brain injury
  • Cerebrovascular accident
  • Ataxia

How to use UPWalker Upright Walker with Seat?

Opening the Upright Walkers for seniors

  1. To open the UPWalker, begin by standing the UPWalker on all four wheels on a level floor.
  2. Open the Velcro strap on the front legs of the frame to enable the opening of the UPWalker. Stow the strap by wrapping around the attached frame and securing it with Velcro.
  3. Standing behind the UPWalker, lift slightly on the sit-to-stand assist handles while pulling outward in opposite directions to open frame.
  4. Continue opening the UPWalker by pushing slightly inward simultaneously on the sit-to-stand assist handles to align and connect seat rails with the frame.
  5. To complete the opening of the UPWalker, move the seat to the most forward position and push downward on the seat where marked "Push Down To Secure" until seat rails sit securely inside the support brackets on the frame.

Using the UPWalker Stand Up Rollator

  1. Once standing in the UPWalker, move forward so your body is between the armrest pads, standing in an upright position with good posture.
  2. Put equal arm pressure on the left and right armrest pads. Put hands on handgrips with fingers around the brake handles. Take full-stride steps with a constant gait.
  3. Pull-on brake handles while going down hills to control speed.
  4. Walk regularly for exercise to maintain good health.

Closing the UPWalker Upright Mobility Walker

  1. ​Lower the armrests to the lowest setting. Lift the seat by the seat lift handle and allow UPWalker to fold in. Stand the UPWalker on all four wheels to roll or stow. Use the Velcro strap on the front of the UPWalker to secure folded unit for storage or transport.
  2. When folding for storage or transport, it is recommended that the handgrips be turned either vertically upward or fully downward toward the ground. The armrests should be returned to their lowest height position.
  3. Luxury Personal Item Bag must be removed to avoid damage to the bag.

UPWalker vs Imitations

Features UPWalker Imitation Products
Patented safety design Yes No
ISO certified for indoor/outdoor use Yes No
The seat does not interfere with walking Yes No
No assembly required Yes No
Sit-to-stand handles Yes No
Easy height adjustment Yes No
Ergonomic armrests Yes No
Easy folding for transport Yes No
Free backrest Yes No
Free beverage holder Yes No
Free personal item bag Yes No
Additional accessories available Yes No
User height range 4'4" to 6'5" 5'2" to 5'10"

Important Tips for using Upright Posture Walker

  • It is advised to read the User Guide completely prior to using the standing walker for adults and to retain it for future reference.
  • If the UPWalker walking aid comes in a shipping box, lay the box down sideways to remove Walker from the box (the unit comes fully assembled).
  • Make sure the seat rails are fully pressed into the frame before using the stand-up walker for adults as a mobility unit.
  • Ensure the back wheels are secured, so they remain straight and do not pivot.
  • When using the seat or sit-to-stand handles, make sure the parking brakes are fully engaged before sitting down.
  • Keep your fingers clear of the height adjustment tube when raising or lowering armrests.
  • To optimize proper posture, you should be completely inside the frame, using the armrests to stand erect with eyes looking forward, not at the ground.
  • Proper armrest height is achieved when you feel pressure on your forearms and elbows without hunching your shoulders.
  • Follow user specifications for effective use.
  • If the intended use is primarily indoors or in smaller spaces, keep the wider base of UPWalker (excellent for stability but may be challenging in tight indoor spaces).

Stand Up Walker With Seat Specification

User Height Range 4'4" - 5'5"
(132 - 165 cm)
4'7" - 5'10"
(140 - 178 cm)
4'10" - 6'5"
(147 - 196 cm)
User Weight Capacity 300 lbs. (136 kg) 300 lbs. (136 kg) 350 lbs. (159 kg)
Length 30.5" (77 cm) 33.5" (85 cm) 36" (91.4 cm)
Width 21.5" (54 cm) 23.5" (60 cm) 25.5" (65 cm)
Armrest Height Range 31.5" - 40.5"
(80 - 103 cm)
32.5" - 43.5"
(82.5 - 110.5 cm)
36" -  49.5"
(91 - 126 cm)
Seat Width & Depth 16" (40.5 cm) W x 10" (25 cm) D 18" (43 cm) W x 11" (28 cm) D 20" (51 cm) W x 16" (41 cm) D
Seat Height From Ground 20" (51 cm) 20" (51 cm) 21" (53.5 cm)
Sit-to-Stand Handle Height 28" (71 cm) 30" (76 cm) 32" (81 cm)
Unit Weight 21 lbs. (9.5 kg) 23 lbs. (10.5 kg) 25.5 lbs. (11.5 kg)
Wheel Size 8" 8" 8"
Length 30.5" (77 cm) 33.5" (85 cm) 36" (91.5 cm)
Height 35" (89 cm) 37.5" (95 cm) 40" (101.5 cm)
Width 10.5" (27 cm) 10.5" (27 cm) 10.5" (27 cm)


Stand Up Walker For Seniors Warranty

Lifetime warranty on frame. 6 months warranty on non-durable components and accessories

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