Techniche Coolpax Phase Change Cooling Crown Coolers Insert

Techniche Coolpax Phase Change Cooling Crown Coolers Insert

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Techniche Coolpax Phase Change Cooling Crown Coolers Insert is a must for any protective headwear being used in a hot environment. The Cool Pax Phase Change Cooling Insert will offer up to 3 hours of cooling within a Hard Hat or Bump Cap regardless of airflow.

Techniche Coolpax Phase Change Cooling Crown Insert Highlights:

  • Is Non-toxic 
  • Non-flammable 
  • Durable and reusable 
  • Lighter than water 
  • Does not produce condensation

Item # Desc Pkg Reward Price
6664 Cooling Crown Cooler Insert Each $0.78

How To Use Coolpax Cooling Inserts

  • Simply place in a freezer until solid or Submerge inserts in ice water for up to 45 minutes 
  • Place inserts to garment pockets
  • Wear comfortably 
  • Repeat steps as needed

What Is CoolPax?

CoolPax is Phase Change Material (PCM) cooling technology. It uses a non-toxic carbon-based liquid that freezes at 58F/14°C and remains at that temperature for 2-3 hours. Simply place CoolPax inserts in freezer or ice water for 35/40 minutes and insert into garment pockets.

Science Behind CoolPax-

A Phase Change Material (PCM) is a substance with a high heat of fusion which, melting and solidifying at a certain temperature, is capable of storing and releasing large amounts of energy. Heat is absorbed or released when the material changes from solid to liquid and vice versa; thus, PCMs are classified as Latent Heat Storage (LHS) units.

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