Stoelting Fuld Object Memory Evaluation Kit

Stoelting Fuld Object Memory Evaluation Kit

Brand/Manufacturer: STOELTING
  • Made in USA

Stoelting Fuld Object Memory Evaluation Kit allows the examiner to evaluate memory and learning under conditions that virtually guarantee attention and minimizes anxiety. It eliminates questions about the effects of poor vision, hearing, language handicaps, cultural differences or inattention because the procedure guarantees attention even under adverse testing conditions.

Item # Desc Pkg Price
33926 Form II Each
33925 Form I Each


  • Stoelting Fuld Object Memory Evaluation Kit Contains:
    - Manual
    - Set of items for the test forms in a black cloth bag
    - Package of record forms for the selected test form
  • Provides a chance to observe word finding ability, left right orientation, stereognosis and verbal fluency
  • Measures memory and learning in older adults
  • Age Range: Adults, 70 to 90 years
  • Time required: Approximately 15 minutes, individual administration
  • Test was developed with hundreds of aged adults, nursing home residents and community active people, for whom norms are provided
  • Proved easy to give and effective with school age children
  • Blind or deaf are not at a disadvantage on this test
  • Appears to be relatively culture fair as well
  • Provides separate scores for long term storage, retrieval, consistency of retrieval and failure to recall items even after reminding
  • Author: Paula Altman Fuld, Ph.D.

More Information

  • 10 Common objects in a bag are presented to determine whether the patient can identify objects by touch stereognosis
  • Patient is not told that memory of this event will be tested
  • Left and right hands are alternated systematically, providing information about the patients left right orientation
  • Patient names or describes, each object and then pulls it out of the bag to see if it was right
  • After distracting the patient, by asking the patient to say words rapidly from a single category (rapid verbal retrieval), the patient is asked to recall the things from the bag
  • Patient is then offered 4 more chances to learn and recall them (store and retrieve) by reminding the patient of omitted items after each recall, with rapid verbal retrieval preventing rehearsal before each recall opportunity

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