Stable Slide Self Feeding Support

Stable Slide Self Feeding Support

Brand/Manufacturer: MISCELLANEOUS
  • Latex Free

Stable Slide Self-Feeding Support system simplifies the process of moving food from the plate to the mouth by providing effortless guidance for the arm. This innovative design not only aids in collecting food onto the utensil but also offers forearm support. To further enhance control, a straightforward sliding motion is employed to position the wrist into the compact upper section. Moreover, the accompanying roof attachment can be utilized to secure the arm on the slide, granting extra control and reinforcement.

Why choose Slide Self Feeding Support?

  • Provides additional control and support
  • Includes a roof attachment
  • Offers forearm support

Item # Desc Pkg Price
1270 Self Feeding Support Each

Stable Slide Feeding Support Features

  • Provides the arm support you need for eating independently
  • The device is height, and angle adjustable includes an optional roof attachment for extra support
  • Supports the upper extremity during the self-feeding process from plate to mouth
  • Guides your arm and lessens the amount of muscle strength needed for self-feeding
  • Feeding Support is Latex-free
  • Smoothly guides the arm while moving plate to mouth

What to buy with Slide Feeding Support

How to use SelfFeeding Support?

  • Clamp the device to the side of the table
  • Adjust the height and angle to fit your needs using the included hex wrench
  • Next, rest your forearm on the slide for support as you gather food onto your utensil
  • Then, using a simple sliding motion, move your wrist into the top section of the device
  • The Stable Slide gives you stability and support while bringing food to your mouth and while eating
  • The dining aid offers tactile biofeedback which helps reduce tremors and increase your control.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the Slide Self-Feeding Support, and who can benefit from using it?

The Slide Self-Feeding Support is a device designed to assist individuals with mobility or strength limitations during the eating process. It provides control and support while moving food from the plate to the mouth. It can benefit individuals with conditions like Parkinson's disease, arthritis, or other mobility challenges.

2. How do I adjust the height and angle of the device to fit my needs?

To adjust the height and angle of the device, you can use the included hex wrench. This tool allows you to customize the device to your specific requirements, ensuring it provides optimal support and comfort.

3. What is the purpose of the optional roof attachment, and how is it used?

The roof attachment is provided to give users extra control and support. You can use it to hold your arm on the slide, providing added stability. It's particularly useful for individuals who require more support during self-feeding.

4. Is the Slide Self-Feeding Support suitable for individuals with latex allergies?

Yes, the device is latex-free, making it safe for individuals with latex allergies or sensitivities to use without any concerns.

5. How does the tactile biofeedback feature work, and what benefits does it offer?

The Slide Self-Feeding Support offers tactile biofeedback, which helps reduce tremors and increase control. This feature provides sensory cues to the user, promoting a steadier and more controlled feeding experience, especially for those with fine motor challenges.

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