Skil-Care Lap Top Cushion For Full-Arm Wheelchairs

Skil-Care Lap Top Cushion For Full-Arm Wheelchairs

Brand/Manufacturer: SKIL CARE CORP

Skil-Care Lap Top Cushion For Full-Arm Wheelchairs is intended to serve as a reminder for residents to ask for assistance before leaving the wheelchair. Lap top cushion also helps the forward-leaning resident maintain an upright sitting posture by providing a support foundation for his/her arms or elbows. Also, these cushions provide a convenient surface for the resident to place personal items or rest their hands while holding a reading material.

Item # Desc Pkg Price
307012 2.5" Thick, With Cutouts Each
307014 3.25" Thick, With Cutouts Each
2970000562 4" Thick, With Cutouts Each
307042 3.25" Thickness, 18" For Half Arm Wheelchair Each
307020 4" Thick, Without Cutouts Each


  • Skil-Care Lap Top Cushion For Full-Arm Wheelchairs provides wheelchair positioning control and safety, with a minimal restrictive laptop cushion
  • Lap top cushion with cutouts may be used to control sliding
  • Polyfoam padded
  • Covered in durable, wipe-clean nylon
  • Safely keeps resident in wheelchair
  • Fits 16"-18" wheelchair

More Information

  • Application:
    - Lock wheelchair brakes and rotate footrests to the side of the wheelchair
    - Assist resident into the wheelchair and seat him/her as far back on the seat as possible
    - Position the footrests to the front of the chair and place the residents feet on them
    - Full-Arm Lap Top With Cutouts: Slide Lap Cushion under the armrest support bar and position the cutouts
    - Full-Arm Lap Top Without Cutouts: Slide Lap Top Cushion under the armrest support bars making certain the straight side faces away from the resident and the contoured side is positioned at the resident waist
    - If the resident is unable to remove the Lap Top Cushion and ambulate on his/her own, the resident should be released at least every two hours for exercise, toileting, and repositioning
  • Cleaning:
    - Lap Top Cushions may be cleaned with a spray-type cleanser and a damp cloth or sponge
    - A mild disinfectant may be used if necessary
    - Do not launder cover
  • Important:
    - Lap Top Cushion generally will not be considered a physical restraint if the resident can demonstrate that he/she can remove it at all times
    - Lap Cushion is considered to be a restraint for the resident who cannot remove it
    - Lap Top Cushions are intended only as aids for resident positioning and safety
    - They are not substitutes for proper supervision
    - Residents should be checked frequently and the lap top cushion readjusted if necessary

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