Seca Mobile Measuring Mat For Babies and Toddlers

Seca Mobile Measuring Mat For Babies and Toddlers

Brand/Manufacturer: SECA

Seca Mobile Measuring Mat For Babies and Toddlers is kind to the skin, washable and foldable. It is light weight and space-saving for easy and precise measurement of the length of babies and toddlers while lying down. The fixed head piece and the easy to slide foot positioner make it simple to use.


  • Seca Mobile Measuring Mat For Babies and Toddlers hangs on wall for easy storage
  • Rugged surface is easy to care forand can be cleaned with all commercially available disinfectants
  • Overall dimensions: 49.2"W x 5.5"H x 11.8"D (1250mm x 140mm x 300mm)
  • Folded dimensions: 4.7"W x 5.5"H x 11.8"D (20mm x 140mm x 300mm)
  • Measuring range: 4" to 39" (10cm to 99cm)
  • Graduation: 1/4" (5mm)
  • Weight: 1.3lb (575gm)
  • Capacity: 44lb (20kg)

More Information

  • Safety:
    - Before using the new measuring mat, please take a little time to read the following safety instructions
    - Follow the operating instructions
    - Never leave a baby lying on the measuring mat unsupervised
    - Only measure length on surfaces from which the baby cannot fall
    - Ensure that the measuring mat is cleaned and disinfected regularly to avoid infectious diseases being passed on
    - Ideally, a second person is required to measure length exactly
  • Measurement method:
    - Lie the baby on the measuring mat
    - The babys head must lie against the head stop of the measuring mat
    - Using your right hand, push the foot stop (2) in the direction of the babys feet
    - The left hand holds the baby in position
    - Stretch the baby's legs by pressing its knees carefully and gently down to the mat with the left hand
    - With your right hand, rest the foot stop at right-angles to the soles of the baby's feet
    - Read off body length at the marking on the measuring mat
    - If the above steps are followed, accuracy greater than +/- 5 mm is achieved
  • Cleaning:
    - Clean the measuring mat as required using a domestic cleaning agent or commercially available disinfectant
    - Follow the manufacturers instructions


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