Seca Mechanical Baby Scale With Sliding Weights

Seca Mechanical Baby Scale With Sliding Weights

Brand/Manufacturer: SECA

Seca Mechanical Baby Scale With Sliding Weights is a sturdy classic scale which features softly curved weighing tray, stable all-steel casing and the precise, smooth sliding weights for exact weight determination. The zero adjustment ensures the reliable determination of the net weight, a soft mat can simply be tared away, showing the actual weight of the baby.


  • Seca Mechanical Baby Scale With Sliding Weights can be safely stored and
    is easy to transport
  • Weighing tray is easy to remove from the base for cleaning
  • Baby lies safe and secure in the softly curved weighing tray
  • Lbs and kg measurements on the balance beam
  • Reset-to-zero function guarantees reliable determination of net weight by simply deducting the extra weight of padding or diaper
  • Dimension: 21.7"W x 7.1"H x 11.4"D (550mm x 180mm x 290mm)
  • Tray dimensions: 21.7"W x 4.3"H x 10.6"D (550mm x 110mm x 270mm)
  • Graduation: 5gm (1/4oz)
  • Weight: 14.1lb (6.4kg)
  • Capacity: 32lb (16kg)

More Information

  • Easy-care and mobile:
    - The hard-wearing, scratch-proof finish and the smooth, seamless surface makes the seca 725 extremely easy to clean
    - The scale can be safely stored and is easy to transport in the optional carrying case seca 425
  • Safety:
    - Before using the new scale, please take a little time to read the following safety instructions
    - Follow the instructions for use
    - Never leave an infant on the scale unsupervised
    - Ensure that the tray is cleaned and disinfected regularly to avoid infectious diseases being passed on
    - Do not drop the scale or subject it to violent shocks
    - Have repairs carried out solely by authorized persons
  • Operation:
    - Once the scale has been prepared as described in the section entitled Set up and align scale, you can start weighing
    - Place the infant in the tray and first slide the large sliding weight to approximately the right weight
    - Now use the small sliding weight to determine the exact weight
    - To do so, slide the small sliding weight along until hand and counter-hand line up
    - Read the weight value off the scale on the sliding weight bar
  • Cleaning:
    - Clean the housing and the tray as required using a domestic cleaning agent or commercially-available disinfectant
    - Follow the manufacturers instructions


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