Seca Infantometer For Measuring Babies and Infants

Seca Infantometer For Measuring Babies and Infants

Brand/Manufacturer: SECA

Seca Infantometer For Measuring Babies and Infants makes it quick and easy to measure not only babies but also infants up to two years old. It features a board that is generously designed and the raised and softly rounded sides hold the baby easily and safely in the right position. Permanently mounted with rollers on two guide rails, the footpiece slides smoothly along the scale. It is made up of durable and robust quality parts.

Item # Desc Pkg Price
SECA416 Centimeters Each
SECA416 Inches Each


  • Seca Infantometer For Measuring Babies and Infants Features foot piece that is lockable, baby can be attended to after being measured before one has to note down the result
  • Exact positioning of the baby or infant with sloped, lengthwise side panels
  • Well-suited for hospitals and clinics, particularly paediatrics and neonatology
  • Robust, extra large construction for precise measuring
  • Automatically correct lying position due to trough-shaped lying area
  • Scale printed along top side for easy reading
  • Space saving

More Information

  • Smooth measuring with automatic brake:
    - The foot piece of the infantometer glides smoothly along the measuring scale on two runners. As soon as the babys length has been measured, the automatic brake ensures that the foot piece is locked. So, even if the baby should be restless, the foot piece cannot be displaced and the result altered. The baby can first be attended to before one has to note down the result. The brake can be quickly and easily released at the touch of a button.
  • Easy to read indicator:
    - The measuring scale of the infantometer seca 416 is located along the top edge and is easy to read. The result can be quickly read off in a red framed indicator window where a clear arrow marks the exact result. The scale is marked in both centimetres and inches and is still easy to read after frequent use. The surface of the infantometer is abrasion resistant and insensitive to alkaline solutions, acids and disinfectants.
  • Precise results with the trough-shaped lying area:
    - The completely new design of the infantometer seca 416 makes the extremely precise measurement of babies and small children up to the age of two years possible. The large lying area with its softly curved edges places the baby quickly and safely in the right position. Precise results of within less than 2 mm  can be achieved, stress-free.




Overall dimensions

43"W x 6.7"H x 15.8"D (1103mm x 169mm x 402mm)

Measuring range

13" to 39" (33cm to 100cm)


1/16" (1mm)


8.3lb (3.8kg)


2 years warrany

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