Rolyan Ulnar Gutter Precut Wrist Splint

Rolyan Ulnar Gutter Precut Wrist Splint

  • FSA Approved
  • Latex Free

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Rolyan Ulnar Gutter Wrist Splint is excellent for limiting ulnar deviation and serving as a static platform for a dynamic MCP flexion or extension splint. It helps to stop wrist injuries and immobilizes the wrist. There is no latex in the Rolyan wrist support. Recommended for tendonitis or tenosynovitis, club hand, post-traumatic damage, or wrist fusion.

Item # Desc Pkg Price
81047562 Polyform OptiPerf, Small 3/Pack
81047570 Polyform OptiPerf, Medium 3/Pack
81282060 Polyform Solid, Small 3/Pack
81282102 Polyform Solid, Medium 3/Pack
81061696 Polyform Solid, Large 3/Pack

Features of Rolyan Ulnar Gutter Splint

  • Contact with three surfaces helps to distribute pressure evenly
  • Rolyan Ulnar Gutter Splint with a more stable base which helps to minimize distal migration
  • Reduces pain and swelling
  • Prevents reinjury
  • Color: White
  • Note: To determine size, measure across the second MCP to fifth MCP

When to use Ulnar Gutter Wrist Splint?

  • The Ulnar Gutter Wrist Splint is designed to immobilize the wrist, control ulnar deviation, and protect the wrist following injury
  • It can be used as a static base for a dynamic MCP flexion or extension splint
  • It may be indicated for tendonitis/tenosynovitis, congenital club hand, post traumatic injury or post wrist fusion.


  • Use of the Ulnar Gutter Wrist Splint is contraindicated for patients who have active MCP synovitis. 
  • This splint is also not recommended for the acute phase of most wrist fractures.

What to buy with Ulnar Gutter Cast

How to use Rolyan Wrist Splint?

  • Heat splinting material in heat pan of water at a temperature of 150 to 160°F (65 to 70°C) for one minute.
  • Remove splint blank from heat pan and place on flat surface. Pat dry with a towel.
  • If appropriate, place patients forearm with ulnar side up.
  • Test the temperature of splint before applying to patient.
  • Position pre-cut form with the palmar portion of splint on the palmar surface of the hand.
  • Make sure to maintain the palmar arches and clear the distal palmar crease.
  • Mold the ulnar border over the dorsum of the hand.
  • Mark trim lines along the dorsal and volar surface of splint.
  • When splinting material will hold its shape but is still soft enough to cut, remove splint and cut along trim line.
  • Dip proximal edge of splint into heat pan for approximately 15 seconds and then flair back the proximal end.
  • Smooth all edges of splint with palm of hand. If needed, dip splint into heat pan water for approximately 5 seconds to facilitate smoothing edges.
  • Apply desired straps.

Fitting Instructions

  • The small size fits smaller men and most women
  • The medium fits most men and larger women
  • Invert the pre-cut form for right or left hand application

Precautions to take while using Rolyan Ulnar Gutter Wrist Support

  • This splint is to be fit initially by a healthcare practitioner who is familiar with the diagnostic characteristics for which this splint is prescribed.
  • Should swelling, skin discoloration or discomfort occur, discontinue use and consult your healthcare professional.
  • The healthcare practitioner is responsible for providing wearing instructions and precautions to other healthcare practitioners, care providers involved in the patients care, and to the patient if he or she will be applying the splint after initial fittin

How to clean and care for Rolyan Ulnar Gutter Splint?

  • Keep splint away from open flames.
  • The splint will lose its shape in temperatures over 135°F (57°C), so keep it away from radiators, ovens and sunny car windows, and out of hot water.
  • Never make any adjustment to your splint-If the splint needs adjusting, remove it and make an appointment to see your therapist or doctor.
  • The splint may be cleaned with soap and lukewarm water-Do not immerse in water over 135°F (57°C).
  • Straps may be washed with soap and water, but do not moisten the adhesive portion.
  • For ink or other hard-to-remove spots, use a scouring cleaner that contains chlorine-Rinse the splint thoroughly after using a chlorine cleanse.

Rolyan Precut Wrist Splint Instruction Manual

Rolyan Precut Wrist Splint Specifications

Size MCP
X-Small Upto 3" (7.6cm)
Small 3" to 3-1/2" (7.6cm to 8.9cm)
Medium 3-1/2" to 4-1/4" (8.9cm to 10.8cm)
Large 4-1/2" (11.4cm) and above


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