Rolyan Heel Boot

Rolyan Heel Boot

  • Latex Free

Rolyan Heel Boot is designed to prevent pressure and friction from the surface of a bed or wheelchair. Features pillow fiber that alleviates pressure from the heel to the calf and two strap style keeps the foot in a correct, comfortable and neutral position. Heel Boot is ideal for at home or on the go use.


Item # Desc Pkg Price
81567973 Black and Tan Each
81567981 Navy and Light Blue Each
081595255 Black : Anti-Rotation Wedge Each

Rolyan Heel Boot Features

  • Made out of an easily washable antimicrobial fabric that is latex free
  • Wrap-around and two-strap style keeps the foot positioned correctly and comfortably
  • Relieves pressure from the heel to the calf
  • One size fits most for men and women

More On Rolyan Heel Boot

Wearing Instructions:

  • Place heel in hole (Note: it may be helpful to bend the patients knee slightly)
  • If also using a compression device, route tubing through port hole, ensuring that tubing neither kinks nor is in contact with patients skin
  • Tighten black straps for a snug fit, but do not over-tighten such that blood flow is restricted
  • Place foot in neutral or slight dorsiflexion and secure blue foot positioning straps
  • Feel underneath to make sure the patients heel is floated, if not, undo straps and re-apply


  • Use only on non-ambulating patients. Do not allow patient to walk or stand while wearing Rolyan Heel Boot
  • These splints are to be fitted initially by a healthcare professional who is familiar with the purpose for which they are prescribed
  • The healthcare professional is responsible providing wearing instructions and precautions to other healthcare practitioners, care providers involved in the patients care, and the patient
  • If unusual swelling, skin discoloration or discomfort occurs, use should be discontinued and a healthcare professional consulted
  • Be careful that the straps are not so tight that they interfere with circulation
  • Recommended for use by only one patient

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