Rolyan Hand-Based Anti-Spasticity Ball Splint

Rolyan Hand-Based Anti-Spasticity Ball Splint

  • FSA Approved
  • Latex Free
  • Made in USA

Item A4197, A4198 is backorder and will be available to purchase once it is back in stock.

Rolyan Hand-Based Anti-Spasticity Ball Splint is pre formed from polyform splinting material. This splint position the wrist, abduct the fingers and thumb and maintain the palmar arch in a reflex inhibiting position. Rolyan splints come complete with a strapping system for the fingers and thumb and a padded self-adhesive D-ring strap for the forearm.

Rolyan Hand-Based Ball Splint Highlights

  • Made of low-temperature thermoplastic
  • Latex free Splints
  • Straps included
  • Available for left or right hand
  • For size determination, measure the width of the 2nd to 5th MCP
  • Can be adapted easily

Item # Desc Pkg Price
A4193 Left, Small Each
A4194 Right, Small Each
A4195 Left, Medium Each
A4196 Right, Medium Each
A4197 Left, Large Each
A4198 Right, Large Each

What to buy with Rolyan Ball Splint?

Why to use Rolyan Hand Based Ball Splint?

  • To help prevent deformity in the presence of mild to moderate hypertonicity
  • Can be used following CVA and traumatic brain injury, and with Parkinsons disease

How to use Rolyan Anti-Spasticity Ball Splint?

Wrist Strapping

  • These splints include a padded Polyform wrist brace, which may be heated and molded to the hand
  • Place it on the dorsal surface of the wrist with the longer edge placed distally and the padded side toward the skin
  • Mold it to the wrist
  • Position the wrist stabilizing strap, threaded through the padded brace, around the wrist


  • Rolyan Splint, which is made from 1/4" (3.2mm) Polyform splinting material, can be modified for a better fit
  • Heat the area to be modified using a heat gun or water that is heated to 150 degrees to 160 degrees F (65 degrees - 70 degrees C) for one minute or until pliable
  • Heating the entire splint may cause it to lose its preformed shape
  • Polyform has a high degree of drape - for better results when modifying the material, shape it with stroking movements
  • Do not heat any of the splints near the rivet that holds the straps in place

Finger Strapping

Rolyan Hand-Based Anti-Spasticity Ball Splint

  • Strap the fingers as shown below

Precautions To Take While Using Anti-Spasticity Ball Splint

  • These splints are to be fitted initially by a healthcare professional who is familiar with the purpose for which they are prescribed.
  • The healthcare professional is responsible for providing wearing instructions and precautions to other healthcare practitioners, care providers involved in the patients care, and the patient.
  • If unusual swelling, skin discoloration or discomfort occurs, use should be discontinued and a healthcare professional consulted.
  • Be careful that the straps are not so tight that they interfere with circulation.
  • After heating splinting material, always check its temperature before applying it to the patient.


  • Not in the presence of wrist or hand fractures
  • Not for use with severe edema
  • Not for use over open wounds and infected areas

Rolyan Anti-Spasticity Ball Splint Specifications

Size Dimensions
Small 3-1/4" to 3-1/2" (8.3cm to 8.9cm)
Medium 3-1/2" to 4" (8.9cm to 10.2cm)
Large Over 4" (10.2cm)


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