ProvaMed Provale Cup

ProvaMed Provale Cup


Reliant Medical Provale Cup is a limited flow cup for the delivery of thin liquids. Simply by tipping the Provale Cup in a normal drinking motion, the cup delivers small sips (5cc, one teaspoon, or 10cc two teaspoons depending on Cup model). By returning the Cup to its upright position, the chamber is refilled and ready to deliver another Small Swallow. This repetitive, normal drinking motion encourages normal drinking habits and may allow for more patient independence.

Item # Desc Pkg Reward Price
NC35284-1 Blue, 5cc (.17fl oz) Each $1.80
NC35284-1R Replacement Lid, Blue, 5cc (.17fl oz) Each $0.83

Provale Cup by Reliant Features

  • Reliant Medical Provale Cup is designed to look similar to a travel mug that maintains patient/resident dignity and can be used in the clinical, home or outdoor setting
  • Specifically designed for patients with dysphagia, these Provale Drinking Aid Cup deliver thin liquids like water and nutritional supplements in a measured amount to prevent choking
  • Blue Cup accurately delivers a 5 cc (.17 fl. oz.) sip and the Brown Cup delivers a 10 cc (34 fl. oz.) sip
  • Color coded for safety to help insure correct fluid delivery
  • Patented "anti suck" design help prevent potential over delivery
  • Handles snap in place for security and are not to be detached after assembled
  • Handles are designed with a large surface area for easy patient grip
  • Broad round base, not easy to tip over
  • Assembly consists of three pieces that snap together and can only be assembled one way
  • Can be disassembled and washed, like other food service items, in an industrial washer (no valves, nipples, etc. that needs special hand washing)
  • Clinical Benefits:
    • Delivers a fixed amount of fluid which could potentially improve:
    • Patient compliance regarding Small Swallows of fluid
    • Improved overall patient hydration
    • Patient independence and safety by delivering a fixed amount of fluid and anti suck feature
    • Relearning to drink utilizing a normal drinking motion
    • Good nose clearance and an angled channel which allows proper chin position

What to buy with Cup Provale Reliant Medical

How to use Provale Regulating Drinking Cup?

Attaching Handles of Provale Cup

  1. Choose how many handles are to be attached.
  2. The cup can be used with one handle or both handles.
  3. Once this choice is made, slide each handle into one of the grooves on the side of the outer cup.
  4. Once in the groove, push the handle upward until a light snap is heard and the "ledge" of the handle is over the lip of the cup.
  5. Once attached, do not remove handles, removing handles could damage the cup

Assembling the Reliant Drinking Aid Provale Cup

  1. Wash all Provale Cup parts before use.
  2. Before use, determine the correct Cup to be used: the 5cc Blue Cup or the 10cc Brown Cup.
  3. There are three cup parts to assemble: lid (top), mid cup and outer cup
  4. Assemble the mid cup and the lid (top) and snap them together; an audible "click" should be heard. These parts can only be assembled one way.
  5. Place the outer cup on a flat surface.
  6. When adding thin liquid to be delivered, fill the outer cup to or below the fill line located on the inside of the outer cup. Do not overfill or the cup may leak. The fill line is approximately eight (8) ounces.
  7. Place the mid cup/lid (top) assembly into the outer cup and press down on the edges of the assembly. A slight audible "click" should be heard.
  8. The Cup is ready to be used.

Disassembling the Reliant Medical Provale Cup

  1. Place the assembled cup on a flat surface.
  2. Pull on the tab and surface area around the tab and remove the lid (top)/mid cup assembly from the outer cup.
  3. Using the tab and surface area around the tab, separate the lid (top) from the mid cup by holding the shaft of the mid cup in one hand and pulling on the tab with the other.
  4. Experience has shown that holding this assembly close to your chest while dissembling will increase leverage to separate these parts.

How to wash the Provale Cup by Reliant Medical?

  1. Once disassembled, place parts upside down on the top rack of the washer. The product has been tested in the top rack of an industrial dishwasher, up to a 180°F.
  2. After washing and rinsing, dry the parts as you would do with other dishware.

  • 5cc is approximately one (1) teaspoon of liquid
  • 10cc is approximately two (2) teaspoons of liquid

In order to operate effectively, there is a small opening in the inner lid. That small opening allows air to enter the cup in order to displace the fluid from the drinking spout. This opening is opposite the drinking spout, so if the cup is tilted backwards, some liquid may leak out from the cup.

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