Cardinal Health Drainage Leg Bag With T-Tap Valve

Cardinal Health Drainage Leg Bag With T-Tap Valve

Brand/Manufacturer: CARDINAL HEALTH
Authorized Retailer Badge
  • FSA Approved
  • Latex Free

Cardinal Health Urinary Leg Bag With T-Tap Valve has an anti-reflux valve that helps prevent urine backflow and the leg straps help in keeping the urine leg bag securely in its place. It comes in 600 ml and 900 ml capacities with graduated markings to know the volume of urine collected in the drainage leg bag. It has an easy-to-operate T-Tap valve for easy drainage or emptying of the fluid from the urine bag.

Item # Desc Pkg Price
LB600TT 600mL Each
LB600TT 600mL 48/Pack
LB900TT 900mL Each
LB900TT 900mL 24/Pack
LB900TT 900mL 48/Pack

Features of Cardinal Leg Bag with T-Tap Valve

  • Latex Free leg drainage bag
  • Easy-to-operate t-tap drainage valve
  • Has sterile fluid pathways
  • Packaged in a convenient, peel-open pouch
  • Comes with convenient, comfortable, pre-attached, fabric, elastic leg straps
  • Ideal for a person who has recently undergone surgery and is experiencing urine retention.

What to buy with Urine Leg Bags

How to use a Drainage Leg Bag?

  • With soap and water, wash your hands completely.
  • Position the Cardinal Health urine leg bag in a comfortable position, ensuring that the protective cap of the leg bag is towards you and the outlet valve is away from you. Secure the urine bag in place with the help of straps. Please do not wrap the straps too tightly as they may cause improper blood circulation.
  • Take an extension tubing of appropriate length. Please put it in the approximate position in which it is connected, keeping the plastic connector end towards the catheter. Ensure that the tube is long enough to prevent catheter pull and short enough to avoid kinking.
  • If required, cut the tube end without a plastic connector with scissors and clean it with isopropyl alcohol.
  • From the leg, the bag connector removes the protective cap. Make sure that the drainage spout is closed.
  • Clean the top connector of the leg bag and the cut end of the tubing with an alcohol‐saturated pad. Attach the leg bag connector to the tubing.
  • Clean the catheter end and the connector end of the tubing with another alcohol‐saturated pad. Attach the tubing connector to the catheter.
  • Adjust the position of the bag and straps as per your requirements.
  • Dispose of alcohol pads, packaging, etc.
  • Wash your hands with soap and water again to maintain hygienic conditions.

Emptying the urine bag

  • Begin with washing hands properly.
  • Keep the bag below the hip or bladder so that it's easier to empty it.
  • Hold the bag over the toilet and open the T-Tap drainage valve.
  • Do not let the bag touch the toilet surfaces as it might infect the leg bag.
  • Rinse the bag properly and close the valve.
  • Refrain from placing the bag on the floor. It is advised to reattach it to the thigh of the patient.
  • Rewash hands to avoid infection.

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