ProCare Rocker Cast Boot

ProCare Rocker Cast Boot

Brand/Manufacturer: Enovis
  • FSA Approved
  • Latex Free

The Rocker Cast Boot is made of a canvas top, sandal-style E.V.A. rocker sole, and a forefoot and heel loop lock contact closure for simple application. The non-slip rocker sole of the Rocker Cast Shoe promotes a more natural motion while walking. 

Why choose The Rocker Cast Shoe?

  • Prevents excessive wear & tear of the cast
  • Reduces impact on the injured leg
  • ProCare Rocker Cast Boot ensures high degree of hygiene
  • Improves gait of the patient on foot cast

Item # Desc Pkg Reward Price
79-81110 XXX-Small, Pediatric Print Each $0.68
79-81111 XX-Small, Pediatric Print Each $0.68
79-81112 X-Small, Black Each $0.65
79-81113 Small, Black Each $0.65
79-81114 Small/Medium, Black Each $0.65
79-81115 Medium, Black Each $0.65
79-81116 Medium/Large, Black Each $0.65
79-81117 Large, Black Each $0.65
79-81118 X-Large, Black Each $0.68

Features of The Rocker Cast Boot by ProCare

  • Constructed with a non-slip rocker sole for a more natural gait
  • Forefoot and heel loop lock contact closure makes the boot easy to apply
  • The Rocker Cast Shoe is designed for use with lower leg casted fractures
  • Constructed with a durable canvas upper for comfort
  • Free from latex to prevent allergic reactions
  • Cast Shoe replaces the functions of the normal shoe when patient is on foot cast
  • Sandal style is ideal if you live in a hot country

When to use The Rocker Cast Boot?

Surgical Shoes are ideal for those recovering from the following foot conditions:

  • Broken toes
  • Bunion surgery
  • Foot Ulcers
  • Ankle fractures
  • Achilles tendon lengthening
  • Forefoot trauma

What to buy with ProCare Rocker Boot

How to use ProCare Rocker Cast Shoe for Broken Toe?

  1. Slip the shoe or sandal over the cast.
  2. Secure the hook and loop straps for a comfortable fit.

How to clean Rocker Cast Boots?

  • Clean with damp cloth. Dry thoroughly before next use.
  • Cast sandals may be hand laundered with mild detergent in warm water and air dried.
  • The sole may be wiped clean with damp cloth.

Warnings and Precaution while using Rocker Boots:

  • Do not use over open wounds.
  • If pain, swelling, changes in sensation or other unusual reactions occur while using this product, you should contact your doctor immediately.
  • Do not use this device if it was damaged and/or package has been opened.

Note: Contact manufacturer and competent authority in case of a serious incident arising due to usage of this device.

Procare The Rocker Cast Boot User Manual

ProCare Unisex Cast Shoe FAQ

Can I wear a sock with my Rocker Cast Shoe?

The straps should be tightened until firm but comfortable. Make sure that your foot doesn't slip around in the shoe and that the fit is comfortable. It is okay to wear a sock or stocking.

How to exercise with a Walking Cast?

While in a walking cast, exercise for the lower body in addition to the upper body can be continued while recovering from a leg, ankle or foot injury. By using a variety of standing and seated exercises, the injured leg can be rehabilitated or the uninjured leg can be strengthened. Discuss with a doctor as to how much pressure can be put on the casted leg, then begin cardio and resistance exercises to help stay in shape.

What does a Boot Cast do?

Walking casts (also commonly referred to as walking boots, air casts, or stabilizers) are specially designed devices that serve to immobilize certain regions of the leg ranging from just the ankle all the way up to the foot through the calf.

Rocker Cast Boot Size Chart

Size Length Width
XXX-Small 4.5" 2.5"
XX-Small 5.5" 3"
X-Small 7.25" 3.5"
Small 9.25" 4.25"
Small/Medium 10.5" 4.5"
Medium 11" 4.75"
Medium/Large 12" 5"
Large 12.5" 5.25"
X-Large 13.5" 6"
Measurement at Toe width

Procare The Rocker Cast Boot Warranty

DJO, LLC will repair or replace all or part of the unit and its accessories for material or workmanship defects for a period of six months from the date of sale. To the extent the terms of this warranty are inconsistent with local regulations, the provisions of such local regulations will apply.

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