Prius Healthcare Rhythm Multi Mattress System

Prius Healthcare Rhythm Multi Mattress System

Brand/Manufacturer: PRIUS HEALTHCARE USA

Item PHR-RHYM36Q is backorder and will be available to purchase once it is back in stock.

Prius Healthcare Rhythm Multi Mattress System is a system which utilizes low air loss technology with a high flow rate that provides pressure management for the treatment of pressure ulcers. It is advanced 3:1 alternating function provides active prevention for pressure relief, especially for those in acute care and long term care facilities. The Rhythm Multi-system offers deep-cell therapy whereby, the cells completely collapse providing zero pressure at the point of deflation.

Prius Healthcare Rhythm Multi Highlights

  • Ergonomic retraction design
  • Nylon Woven fabric
  • CPR quick release system
  • Cable management for patient safety
  • Happy heel for extra comfort

Item # Desc Pkg Reward Price
PHR-RHYM36Q Rhythm Multi 36 Inch Each $91.83
PHR-RHYM42Q Rhythm Multi 42 Inch Each $104.04
PHR-RHYM48Q Rhythm Multi 48 Inch Each $110.40

Prius Healthcare Rhythm Multi Features

  • The Rhythm Multi replacement mattress can accommodate patient weights up to 600 lbs
  • PU cell design provides easy cleaning and minimizing the proliferation of bacteria
  • Cell in cell design provides addition protection for upper torso and sacrum during power outage
  • 30 seconds of pulsation simulates a message to assist in maximizing a patients comfort
  • Modular structure design to ensures ease of use and cleaning
  • Low air loss provides extra comfort for moisture and temperature control
  • Happy heel provides extra softness settings for the heels It's the best solution for patients
  • 8 Inch air cell mattress replacement
  • 3-1 alternation and static
  • Low air loss therapy
  • Pulsation therapy
  • Auto Firm provides immediate firm surface
  • High vapor permeable and quilted nylon cover
  • 2 Inch convoluted foam base
  • Integrated glide sheet to base cover for easy transferring
  • Visual and audio alarm for low pressure and power failure with alarm mute function
  • Keypad lock out function
  • 10 Digital comfort setting

How to use Prius Healthcare Rhythm Multi Mattress System?

  1. Remove the existing mattress from the bed frame.
  2. Replace the standard mattress with the Rhythm Multi mattress replacement system.
  3. Position the mattress so the air tube is at the foot of the bed.
  4. Secure the straps on the bottom cover of the mattress to the bed frame.
  5. Hang the control unit on the footboard of the bed frame.
  6. Attach the air tube connector to the sockets on the left panel of the control unit. (connectors and sockets are color coded)
  7. Check air hoses to ensure they are not kinked under the mattress
  8. Plug in the control unit and turn on the master power switch on the right side panel and the STANDBY LED will illuminate.
  9. Push the STANDBY/OPERATE button on the front panel. The OPERATE LED should illuminate and the control unit will be operational.
  10. Push the AUTO FIRM button for fast inflation. Allow 4-7 minutes for full inflation. After the mattress is fully inflated the caregiver can transfer the patient to the mattress. Note: The mattress can be inflated while a patient is laying on it
  11. Push AUTO FIRM again to release the fast inflation mode
  12. Static Function: Press the MODE button until the “STATIC” LED is illuminated. The STATIC mode provides True Low Air Loss Therapy. Once the patient is positioned on the mattress perform a hand check by placing a hand under the patient buttocks between cells and foam. The patient should have at least 2 inches of clearance between the buttocks and the bottom of the mattress. To adjust the pressure press the SOFT or FIRM button to achieve the maximum patient comfort
  13. Pulsate Function: Press the MODE button until the “PULSATE” LED is ILLUMINATED. Once activated the mattress will be automatically “pulsate” by slightly deflating the pressure in the mattress for 90 seconds and then re-inflating to the original pressure setting for 90 seconds. The mattress will continue to cycle in this fashion in the pulsating mode.
  14. Alternate Function: Press the MODE button until the “ALTERNATE” LED is illuminated. This will enable the 3 in 1 alternating pressure function.
  15. Alternation time can be adjusted by the CYCLE button. The cycle time can be set from 3 minutes to 20 minutes in 1-minute increments and 25-95 minutes in 5-minute increments. (NOTE: If the STATIC function or PULSATE function is selected the display window will not display a time.)
  16. The Master Control Unit is equipped with power failure alarm. During a power failure, where the unit is not connected to a backup power source, an audible alarm will sound. The alarm can be disabled by pushing the Alarm Reset button on the front panel.
  17. LOCK-OUT: The Master Control Unit is also equipped with a manual LOCKOUT function. To engage press the LOCKOUT button. When engaged the LOCKOUT LED will be illuminated and all function keys will be automatically disabled. UNLOCKING: To disengage the LOCKOUT function press and hold the “LOCKOUT” button for 3-5 seconds. The LOCKOUT function will also disengage when the unit is shut down.
  18. CPR Deflation: For the quick mattress, deflation disconnects the hose connector from the Control Unit and Open the CPR quick deflation valve at the head of the mattress.

Cleaning The Mattress
The mattress should be cleaned weekly using a damp soft cloth and mild detergent. If the top or bottom cover becomes severely soiled remove and replace with a clean cover. The soiled cover can be cleaned as follows. Covers can be washed and thermally disinfected in a washing machine. When washing bottom cover removes all air bladders, hoses, valves, and foam padding. (NOTE: Never use phenol based cleaning solutions.)

Cleaning Master Control Unit
The master control unit should also be cleaned weekly using a damp soft cloth and mild detergent

Storage and Care

  • Master Control Unit
    - Check the power cord and plug for abrasions and excessive wear.
    - Plug in the unit and verify air flow from the hose connection ports.
    - Place in plastic bag for storage.
  • Mattress Replacement System
    - Check the air manifold for kinks or breaks and replace if necessary.
    - Twist open the CPR plug at the head of the mattress and disconnect the air feed tubes. All of the air will be expelled. Starting at the head of the mattress roll towards the foot of the bed. Use the base mounting straps to secure
    - Place the system in a plastic bag for storage.

Prius Healthcare Rhythm Multi Mattress System User manual


Control Specifications Values
Dimension (L) 17.7" x (W) 6.8" x (H)10.8"
Weight 13.2 lbs
Cycle Time 3~95 min
Min Operating Pressure 10 +/- 3mmHg
Max Operating Pressure 61 +/- 4mmHg
Flow-rate N/A
Rated Voltage AC 110-120V
Rated Frequency 60 Hz
Fuse Rating 5A 250V
Max Current 5A
Classification Class I, Type BF
Operation Temperature 15°C (59°F)~35°C (95°F)
Operation Humidity 30% ~ 75%
Matterss Specification Values
Dimensions (L)36" x (W)80" x (H)10"
Weight 28.6 lbs
Cell Number 18 cells
Cells Material Nylon Coated with PU
Cover Type Zipper Cover
Cover Material Nylon Woven fabric w/PU coating finish
Base Material Woven Polyester fabric w/PVC backing


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