Posey Vest Restraint

Posey Vest Restraint

Brand/Manufacturer: POSEY
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Posey Vest Restraint is designed to immobilize patients and protect them from falling. They are placed on the patient like any other vests to prevent self-injury from falls. Posey Restraint can be tied to the sides of the bed or behind a chair, outside the patient's reach to prevent injury.

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3311M Medium, White Each

Features of Posey Vest Restraint

  • Ideal for patients with up to 135-203 lbs of weight
  • 35-40 inches of chest width
  • Secures the patient with criss-cross ties
  • Creates a V-neck shape in the front of the vest
  • Extra-long straps secure with quick-release ties

Posey Vest Restraint User Manual

Who needs Restraining Vest?


  • DO NOT use on a patient who is or becomes highly aggressive, combative, agitated, or suicidal.
  • DO NOT use on patients with: ostomy, colostomy, or G-tubes; hernias, severe Cardio Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD); or with post-surgery tubes, incisions or monitoring lines. These could be disrupted by a restraint.

What to buy with Fall Protection Vests

How to use Posey Restraint?

  1. Place the device on the patient with the “V” neck in front.
  2. Position the straps in front of the patient and feed the strap from the patient’s left side through the slot in the vest on the patient’s right side.
  3. Secure straps to the wheelchair or bed frame, out of the patient’s reach.
  4. Slide an open hand (flat) between the device and the patient to ensure proper fit. The device must be snug, but not interfere with breathing.


  • A restraint applied incorrectly or worn backward may result in serious injury or death from suffocation, chest compression, or patient escape.
  • NEVER criss-cross straps directly behind the patient. Straps may loosen if the patient rotates.
  • Make sure straps cannot slide, loosen, or tighten if the patient pulls on them, or if the bed or chair seat position is adjusted. The patient may suffocate if the straps tighten. If the straps loosen, serious injury or death may occur from patient escape; or from chest compression or suffocation if the patient becomes suspended in the restraint.

For Wheelchair use

  1. Position the patient as far back in the seat as possible with the buttocks against the back of the chair.
  2. Bring the straps over the hips at a 45-degree angle and pass them down between the seat and the wheelchair sides.
  3. Criss-cross the straps, and use quick-release ties to attach straps to the opposite side kick spurs, out of the patient’s reach.
  4. If the chair has an adjustable seat, secure straps to a movable part of the chair frame, are out of the patient’s reach.

For Bed Use:

  • Secure straps with quick-release ties to a movable part of the bed frame at waist level, out of the patient’s reach.

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