Polar Cool Flow Head Cap Cold Therapy System

Polar Cool Flow Head Cap Cold Therapy System

Brand/Manufacturer: POLAR PRODUCTS, INC.
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Polar Cool Flow Head Cap Cold Therapy System provides effective cold therapy to the head by continuously circulating cool water throughout the cap. High-flow cooling water lines are located inside the cap for maximum effectiveness. Wear the Polar Cool Cap when standing, seated, or on your back. The redesigned interior eliminates any chance of water leakage when directions are followed.

What does Polar Cool Cap System Include?

  • Choice of Head Cap style:
    • Standard (#AIS-H)
    • Extended Coverage (#AIS-HL)
  • Nine (9) quart cooler with easy carrying handle
  • Five (5) feet of insulated cool water lines
  • AC Power Adapter with cord


Item # Desc Pkg Reward Price
AIS-H With Standard Head Cap Each $11.99
AIS-HL With Extended Head Cap Each $11.99

Why choose Polar Cool Flow Head Cap System?

  • Polar Cool Cap provides cooling relief to the head by continuously circulating cool water throughout the cap
  • High flow cooling water lines are located inside the cap for maximum effectiveness
  • Head Cap Cold Therapy System is lightweight cap may be worn standing, sitting or lying down
  • Constructed of a soft 97% cotton and 3% Spandex fabric for a soft, snug fit
  • Easy to reuse time and time again; simply add ice and water to the cooler
  • Unit can operate from floor level
  • High flow, dry, and quick disconnect couplings allow freedom of movement if needed
  • Cooler lid on the unit is hinged and snaps in place, keeping it tight and properly sealed
  • No mess
  • Just add ice and water to the cooling reservoir and it is ready to go

Note: This item is non-returnable due to hygiene purposes

Benefits of Polar Cold Head Cap System

Polar Adjustable Temperature Control Valve - For Better Temperature Control:

  • Helps to maintain the temperature of a desired process at a specific level
  • Provides reliable, automatic and accurate temperature control of fluids
  • Adjustable temperature control flow control valve
  • Allows for maximum comfort

New & Improved Head Cap System:

  • Improved insulation on all waterlines to eliminate condensation at the control box.
  • Redesigned interior to eliminate any chance of water leakage when directions are followed.
  • Improved instructions and fill line sticker to help eliminate confusion and overfilling with water, a major cause of problems.
  • New, quieter and more consistently quiet pump motor.

When to use Cooling Head Caps?

  • Hair loss
  • Chemotherapy
  • Headaches

What to buy with Polar Head Cap Cold Therapy System

 & Headache Pain Relief Kit

Headache Pain Relief Kit

Save Up to 40% OFF

Roller Ice Massage Ball

Roller Ice Massage Ball

Save Up to 40% OFF

Polar Cool Comfort Cooling Kit

Polar Cool Comfort Cooling Kit

Save Up to 30% OFF


How Polar Cold Caps works?

The patient can keep their hair because the chilly temperature of the cap constricts the blood vessels under the scalp's skin and stops chemotherapy drugs from reaching the hair follicles. Vasoconstriction is the term used to describe this phenomenon. The cold also affects the absorption of chemotherapy medications by slowing down the metabolism of the hair follicles, which in turn causes the hair cells to become dormant or less active. The patient uses the cap during chemotherapy for:
  • 1 hr prior to treatment
  • Throughout the entire treatment
  • 3 hrs after treatment
The scalp must be kept chilly throughout this process by switching Polar Cold Caps every 30 minutes.
Premedication infusion is not considered chemotherapy, and during this time user can wear the cap.
Polar Cold Caps

How to use Polar Head Cooling Cap?

  1. Remove caps from ordinary home freezer and place in cooler, under dry ice 3 hrs prior to chemotherapy treatment. If using a biomedical freezer at the hospital, place caps in the freezer the day before treatment.
  2. Prior to applying the cold cap, cut moleskin to size and place it on the forehead just below the hairline to protect the skin from cold temperatures.
  3. Remove the cold cap from the cooler and test with an infrared thermometer to ensure the cap temperature is between -32ºC to -38ºC.
  4. Place the cold cap on the patient’s head with the interior gel portion against the scalp and fasten chin strap.
  5. Securely fasten forehead straps.
  6. Tightly fasten rear straps, working from the interior bottom to top.
  7. Once interior straps are fastened, secure the rear support strap.
  8. Ensure all straps are tightly fastened, firmly securing the cap to the patient’s scalp. Readjust the chin strap for comfort if needed.

Polar Cool Flow Head Cooling Devices Warranty

If the unit is within its 180 day warranty period, it will be repaired or replaced with a new unit at no charge.

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