Personal Medical C3 Male Incontinence Device

Personal Medical C3 Male Incontinence Device

Brand/Manufacturer: PERSONAL MED
  • Non Returnable

C3 Male Incontinence Device is a penile clamp that restricts urine flow and is ideal for men who have an active life and face urinary incontinence. C3 Penile Clamp is designed with a soft foam that applies pressure on the penile region to restrict urine flow. The soft foam ensures that blood flow is not interrupted and gives patients the confidence to go about their daily routines.

C3 Male Incontinence Device Parts

  • A - Elastic Straps
  • B - Hinge
  • C - Control Pad
  • D - Lower Arm
  • E - Upper Arm

C3 Male Incontinence Device Parts

Best Price Guarantee

Item # Desc Pkg Reward Price
91030-015 Regular, 2.5" - 4" Each $0.40
91030-015 Regular, 2.5" - 4" 6/Pack $2.38
91030-016 Large, 4" - 5.5" Each $0.30
91030-016 Large, 4" - 5.5" 6/Pack $1.63

Features of C3 Penile Clamp

  • Effective for mild to moderate urinary incontinence
  • More economical than bladder pads
  • Does not restrict blood flow
  • The dignified solution, easily concealed
  • C3 is contoured and cradle-like and clamps evenly around the penis
  • The elastic strap holds the C3 in place without shifting
  • Disposable C3 male incontinence device

What to buy with Male Incontinence Aid

How to use this Male Penile Clamp?

  1. Unfasten the strap and place your penis through the opening. The bump should be underneath your penis and the hinges should face away from your body. (See Figure 1)
  2. Close the device by bending it towards you so it clamps around your penis.
  3. Position the device slightly away from your body and tighten the strap. (See Figure 2)
  4. When the C3 is properly positioned, its bump will block the flow of urine by pressing against your urethra (located in the middle of the underside of your penis). (See Figure 3)
  5. To urinate or to remove the C3, loosen its strap and completely unclamp the device.
Place penis through the penile clampTighten the straps of Penile Clamp
Bump of the male incontinence device

How to choose the right size for C3 Male Incontinence Device?

The C3 device comes in two sizes (Regular and Large). Sizes refer to circumference, not length. Getting the right size is important for effectiveness and comfort, so please follow these instructions to determine the size that's right for you:

  1. Use the ruler at right or a flexible tape measure to measure yourself.
  2. Measure only a non-erect penis. For best results, conduct sizing when your body is at room temperature. For example, don't conduct the sizing right after a shower.
  3. Wrap the ruler comfortably around your penis, slightly away from the body. (Do not measure the length.)
  4. When the ruler is snug around your penis, read the number in inches to determine your size before ordering:
    • Regular = 2 ½-4 inches around
    • Large = 4 - 5½ inches around

Important Information

  • Urinate at least every four (4) hours when you use the C3.
  • To urinate, release the strap, open the device and flatten it against your body -then urinate as usual.
  • Recommend the use of this device as needed during the day. Use a pad at night.
  • Do not use the C3 if you have a urinary catheter or penile prosthesis.

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