Pacific Rehab Meywalk 2000 Gait Trainer

Pacific Rehab Meywalk 2000 Gait Trainer

Brand/Manufacturer: PACIFIC REHAB INC.
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Pacific Rehab Meywalk 2000 Gait Trainer features seat and trunk support which has spring suspension to encourage a better and more natural gait. The seat unit can be lowered by using a swing bar, making it easier for the user to get in and out of the walking support. The body posture of the user can be set in any position from vertical to bent forwards by 15, making it possible to find the body inclination that gives the user the best control. It is made with materials of high quality, that guarantee long life, maximum reliability and a minimum of maintenance.

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  • Meywalk 2000 Gait Trainer
    • Small: For ages 7 – 11 Years
    • Medium: For ages 12 – 14 Years
    • Large: For ages 14 to adult
  • All support components are permanently attached, and do not require removal when getting in and out
  • Add on options for lateral hip support, non reverse and drag options and swivel castor lock options are available for the size small, as well as the medium and large
  • Ideal gait trainer for children with cerebral palsy too
  • No more lifting to stand …. .the Meywalk has a “lever lift” system. The user transfers in at their wheelchair seat height and is brought into standing by pushing down on the lift bar

Benefits of Pacific Rehab Meywalk 2000

  • Ease in Transfer
    • To lower the seat and allow for transfer, first lock the unit, lower the tail gate and open the ring.
    • Press the two silver buttons on the front of the walker and raise the lift bar which lowers the sit bar.
    • After the user transfers, close the ring and tail gate, and push down on the lift bar.
    • The lever lift bar easily lifts the user into standing!
  • Dynamic Assisted Gait
    • The Meywalk move dynamically up and down during gait. This allows the user to come down into Heel Strike and Toe Off for a more normal gait pattern.
    • As the user steps forward, the compressed spring assembly lifts and assists with the Swing Through portion of the gait.
  • Spring Assist
    • Meywalk spring assist can aid in the lift required at the Swing Through Phase of gait.
    • As this requires less effort, frequently scissoring is diminished, promoting a more normal gait pattern. Whereas “leg separation devices” can block the scissoring, they can also strengthen the adductors by providing fixed resistance.
    • A spring assist system can allow some users to strengthen their hip flexors and abductors for a better long term result.
  • Meywalk Assistive Transfer System
    • The Meywalk also has the unique ability to be lowered to make transfers easier.
    • Once the user transfers on to the seat and the ring and tail gate are in place, the user can be brought up into standing by pushing down easily on the lift bar until it locks into place on the base.
    • Other walkers and gait trainers require the carer to lift the user into standing before transferring them into their device.
    • Provides a dynamic assisted lift during the mid phase of gait, as well as a lever lift transfer system to make transfers in and out of the device easier for the child and caregiver.

Meywalk 2000 Gait Trainer User Guide
Meywalk Gait Trainer Brochure
Meywalk User Manual

What to buy with Meywalk 2000 by Pacific Rehab


Particulars Small Medium Large
Length 37-1/2" (95cm) 37-1/2" (95cm) 37-1/2" (95cm)
Width 27-1/2" (70cm) 27-1/2" (70cm) 27-1/2" (70cm)
Seat/Groin height 17-1/2" to 25" 21" to 29" 28" to 40-1/2" (72cm to 103cm)
Trunk Support Height 30-3/4" to 38-1/2" 33" to 40" 41" to 53-1/2" (105cm to 136cm)
Wheel Size, Front 8" x 2" (200cm x 50cm) 8" x 2" (200cm x 50cm) 8" x 2" (200cm x 50cm)
Wheel Size, Rear 16" x 2" (400cm x 50cm) 16" x 2" (400cm x 50cm) 16" x 2" (400cm x 50cm)
Ring Size 10"W x 10"D 12-3/4"W x 11-1/2"D 14-1/2"W x 13-3/4"D
Weight - 55lb (25kg) 57lb (26kg)
Maximum load 150lb (68kg) 220lb (100kg) 220lb (100kg)
Color Green Blue Blue

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