Ossur Rebound Air Walker Boot

Ossur Rebound Air Walker Boot

Brand/Manufacturer: OSSUR/ROYCE MEDICAL
  • FSA Approved

Ossur Rebound Air Walker Boot is a circumferential walker with a fully integrated air pump and release valve that provides easy, tool-free inflation and deflation for fine-tuned and consistent compression. It features a host of details designed to provide added protection, simplified application and usage, improved comfort, and, ultimately, successful patient outcomes. The walker boot is constructed of rocker bottom promotes a natural and stable gait, while a trimmable semi-soft toe bumper provides added protection to its user.

Item # Desc Pkg Price
B-242900061 X-Small, Low-Top Each
B-242900062 Small, Low-Top Each
B-242900063 Medium, Low-Top Each
B-242900064 Large, Low-Top Each
B-242900065 X-Large, Low-Top Each
B-242900001 X-Small, High-Top Each
B-242900002 Small, High-Top Each
B-242900003 Medium, High-Top Each
B-242900004 Large, High-Top Each
B-242900005 X-Large, High-Top Each

Air Walker Boot Features

  • Flex edge technology overmolding conforms to each patient's unique anatomy to limit the formation of pressure points
  • Linked medial and lateral air bladders with a single inflation point provide balanced compression
  • Moisture-wicking softgood helps keep skin dry and comfortable
  • EVA material provides greater shock absorption in the heel
  • Straps fasten in front for easy application, adjustment, and removal
  • Ventilated panels and moisture-wicking softgoods reduce microbial buildup
  • Indications:
  • - Grade 2 and 3 ankle sprains
    - Stable foot fractures
    - Tendon or ligamentous sprain

More About Air Walker Boot

  • Cautions and Warnings:
    - Ensure not to over inflate air chamber
    - Caution should be used if prescribed for patients with diabetes, vascular deficiency, and neuropathy:
    1. The skin should be checked regularly
    2. Over inflation of air chamber may cause skin compromise in patients with diabetic neuropathy
    3. Deflate air chamber to reduce compression with patients reporting discomfort or showing skin discoloration
    - Ensure patient performs circulation checks
    - If a loss of circulation is felt, or if the walker feels too tight, deflate air chamber to reduce compression to a comfortable level
    - If discomfort continues, the patient should contact their medical professional immediately
    - This device should not be applied on patients who are not able to communicate discomfort
    - In high altitude conditions, the air chamber will expand past their optimal level
    - Deflate air chamber to reduce compression to a comfortable level
    - User should use caution when walking on slippery or wet surfaces to avoid injury
    - User maximum weight limit 300lb
  • Preparation:
    - Open liner by first unfastening straps and removing front shell
    Note: Do not remove air bulb from liner
  • Aplication:
    - While seated, place leg in brace
    - Wrap ankle pad snugly around ankle
    Note: Ankle pad can be cut to size
    - Wrap liner securely around foot then leg
    - Place front shell over ankle making sure that the air bulb is aligned with the opening
    - Fasten ankle, foot, and calf strap in this order
    - Tighten straps until snug and comfortable
  • Inflation/Deflation:
    - Inflate air chambers by pressing + on the air bulb, and deflate by pressing
    - Inflate or deflate until snug
    - Before removing brace, deflate air chambers by pressing 
    Caution: Do not over inflate
  • Washing Instructions:
    - Remove liner from walker before washing
    - The soft good liner should be washed by hand using a mild detergent and cold water
    - Do not use bleach or strong detergent
    - Do not wash in washing machine or place in dryer
    - Air dry flat
    - Walker plastic can be washed with a damp cloth and mild soap


Size Men Shoe Women Shoe
X-Small 2 - 4 3.5 - 5.5
Small 4 - 7 5.5 - 8.5
Medium 7 - 10.5 8.5 - 12
Large 10.5 - 12.5 12 - 14
X-Large 12.5 - 15 14 - 16.5


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