Orfilight 2.5mm Micro Perforated Low-Temperature Thermoplastic Sheet Material

Orfilight 2.5mm Micro Perforated Low-Temperature Thermoplastic Sheet Material

Brand/Manufacturer: ORFIT INDUSTRIES
  • Latex Free

Orfilight 2.5mm Micro Perforated Low-Temperature Thermoplastic Sheet Material is used for lightweight, less rigid splints, circumferential splints, hand, finger and thumb splints. It is used where the least amount of rigidity and the lightest support is needed. It tolerates heavy handling without showing fingerprints or other marks due to its unique texture. Slightly tacky surface when heated helps the material stay in place to assist in creating an intimate fit. It is an excellent material choice for all types of small, medium and large orthoses.

Item # Desc Pkg Price
NC12665-1 Beige, 18" x 24" (45 x 60cm) Each
NC12665-1 Beige, 18" x 24" (45 x 60cm) 4/Pack
NC12842-1 Atomic Blue, 18" x 24" (45 x 60cm) Each
NC81359-1 Black, 18" x 24" (45 x 60cm), Non stick 4/Pack


  • Orfilight 2.5mm Micro Perforated Low-Temperature Thermoplastic Sheet Material is used for more supportive functional day or night splints for hands, forearms, fingers and thumbs
  • Used for the fabrication of orthoses, for external immobilization devices and rehabilitation aids
  • Lightweight base for all attachments
  • Thumb post-splint
  • Ideal splinting material to fabricate post-surgical orthoses
  • Weighs 25 % to 30 % less than other materials
  • Creates lightweight orthoses, even in case of very large equipment designs
  • Excellent stretch, low elasticity
  • Easy moulding of orthosis to anatomy
  • Maximum stretch without tearing
  • Easy to handle and perfect control of material during molding
  • Allows to be stretched sufficiently in order to position the material correctly and hold it in place during fabrication
  • Moderate memory
  • Material is completely moldable
  • Soft velvet surface touch and easy to trim edges
  • Increased patient comfort
  • Sticks easily to itself
  • All attachments and outriggers can adhere with maximum ease
  • Time-saving
  • Avoids waste of material
  • Resists fingerprints
  • Presents a smooth, velvety finish for a very soothing feel
  • Minimum rigidity
  • Finished splint offers some flexibility for greater wearing comfort
  • Circumferential splints and those designed with curves and folds provide greater rigidity
  • Moderate drape
  • Offers conformability for an intimate fit
  • Only moderate pressure is required to contour is applied directly to the patient after it is activated
  • Minimum to moderate resistance to stretch. Allows moderate handling throughout the molding process
  • Allows three to five minutes to form and harden after softening in 150° F (66° C)
  • Latex Free

More Information

  • Activation Technique
    1. Orfilight is activated by heating it at a temperature of 65°C (149°F). Possible activation sources are: Suspan water bath, heat gun or heating plate. The activation time depends on the heat source and varies from 30 seconds to 3 minutes. (e.g. at 65° C, 1.6 mm : 30 sec., 2.5 mm : 2 min., 3.2 mm : 3 min.)
    2. When using a Suspan water bath, it is recommended to soften the water by adding a teaspoon of liquid soap. ORFILIGHT can be towelled despite it is a sticky product. Accidental bonding can be un done by continous gentle traction.
    3. Since ORFILIGHT floats, it must be kept under water by placing it under the Suspan grill, or the net that is supplied with the Suspan (see picture).
    4. When ORFILIGHT is dry heated and adhesion is undesirable, both sides of the material must be rubbed with extra talcum powder before activation. When using a heating plate, the hot surface must be covered with a Teflon film. ORFILIGHT scalds at 150°C (300°F). It then becomes yellowish and tears easily.
    5. Note: Temperatures of 65°C (149°F) or more can be reached in the patient;s daily life.
    6. High temperatures up to a maximum of 120°C (248°F) do not damage ORFILIGHT, but are not user-friendly. Even higher activation temperatures are allowed on the condition that the activation time is reduced accordingly and that the product is sufficiently rubbed with talcum powder. Wear gloves and do not apply ORFILIGHT directly to the patients skin at these high activation temperatures.
    7. Never use an open flame to activate ORFILIGHT
  • Working Properties
    - Cutting
    1. Draw the splint pattern on the ORFILIGHT sheet by means of a marker.
    2. With thick sheets cut the pattern roughly with a suitable pair of scissors or use a cutter. When using a cutter, carve a straight line and break the sheet in two.
    Note: Be careful when using a cutter; always keep the assisting hand away from the cutting line.
    3. To cut the precise splint contour in thick sheets with a pair of scissors, heat ORFILIGHT until it is formable but not yet stretchable.
    - Applying
    1. Activate the ORFILIGHT pattern until it is completely soft. The activation time depends on the material thickness: 1.6 mm = 1 min. / 2.5 mm = 2 min. / 3.2 mm = 3 min. drivenbycare 3 / 4 Take the pattern out of the water and allow the surfaces to cool or dry on a towel for a few seconds.
    2. Several application techniques are possible:
    - Gravity technique: the material forms itself under gravity.
    - Closed technique: form the material around the limb and stick the edges together.
    - Bandaging technique: secure the splint by means of a Latex bandage. Use the benefit of stretch and elastic properties of ORFILIGHT to a maximum.
    3. ORFILIGHT easily sticks to itself, less to porous surfaces. In case of accidental bonding, the 2 parts that are stuck can be taken apart when completely reactivated. Permanent adhesion of fixation straps and splint accessories is possible by dry heating the surface and by attaching under high pressure. In order to secure an self-adhesive bond it is paramount that both ORFILIGHT surfaces are BRIEFLY DRY heated at high temperature (max. 250°C – 482°F).
    4. Do not remove the splint from the patient before ORFILIGHT is sufficiently hardened. Excessive material should be trimmed before complete hardening. To do so, use a suitable pair of scissors. The cooling time can be shortened by means of cold air, a cold bandage or a cold spray
  • Finishing
    - Trimming edges whilst the material is still relatively soft results in sealed edges. It is also possible to grind and polish the edges by using a coated abrasive wheel at low speed
  • Cleaning Instructions
    - Orthoses made of ORFILIGHT should be cleaned daily.
    - Use lukewarm water and liquid soap, biological detergent or toothpaste, and rinse well.
    - Note: Never use solvents. Avoid acid detergents.
    - Sterilisation of ORFILIGHT orthoses in an autoclave is impossible.
    - Disinfection is possible with alcohol, quaternary ammonium or a solution of commercial disinfecting soaps (HAC, Sterilium, etc.)
  • Precautions
    - Give the patient sufficient information about the exact use of the orthosis and about the possible constraints of the splint
    - Low temperature thermoplastics can only be kept for a limited period of time and must be protected as much as possible from light, heat and humidity
  • Storage
    - ORFILIGHT should be stored in its original packaging.
    - Storage must be in a dark, cool, dry place at a temperature of min. 10°C (50°F) and max. 30°C (86°F).
    - Once removed from the packaging, leftover materials must be put back in the original packaging to avoid biodegradation.
    - The material ages in direct relation to storage conditions.
    - When too old, materials become brittle and too soft when activated
  • Caution
    - ORFILIGHT is not suitable for internal use.
    - It may not be used on open wounds or in the mouth.
    - Never use an open flame to activate ORFILIGHT
    - To make orthoses and rehabilitation aids, ORFILIGHT may only be used by qualified health professionals

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