Optec Venum 1 Lite LumboSacral Orthosis Back Brace

Optec Venum 1 Lite LumboSacral Orthosis Back Brace

Brand/Manufacturer: OPTEC USA
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Optec Venum 1 Lite LumboSacral Orthosis Back Brace features an innovative single drawstring pulley closure system to increase support and compression with minimal effort to the spine from L-1 to below L-5 vertebra. The lightweight mesh and ergonomic design with anterior and posterior panels provide sagittal control and intracavitary compression. The Venum 1 Lite LSO rigid panels contour to the patient;s lordotic curve and abdomen resulting in comfort, control and increased compliance.

Item # Desc Pkg Price
VEN1-LITE-LSO Fits Waist Circumference: 25" to 54" Each

Optec Venum 1 Lite LumboSacral Orthosis Features

  • Comes with 3 standard components:
    - Extender Panel (STEXT) for patients above 54"
    - Built-in anterior panels
    - Posterior polymer panel
  • Acts as an immobilizing device for the lumbar-sacral region and its primary function is to reduce pain and provide support and immobilization to the lumbar-sacral spine
  • Ideal for patients requiring firm spinal support
  • With its unique and mechanically advanced single drawstring pulley closure system, it makes it easy to don and off with minimal effort
  • Sleek weightless construction is breathable, hypoallergenic and nearly undetectable under clothing
  • Built-in anterior panels produce intra-abdominal pressure to reduce the load on discs thus reducing pain and improving post-operative outcome when used appropriately
  • Due to the ergonomic design of the brace, patient therapy participation is promoted by adjusting the level of support
  • One size fits all
  • Trimmable panels for custom size (see more images)
  • Indications:
    - Chronic back pain
    - Degenerative, herniated or bulging disc
    - Spondylolysis and spondylolisthesis
    - Facet syndrome
    - Spinal stenosis
    - Tumors or inflammation
    - Spinal instability
    - Lumbago

More On Optec Venum 1 Lite LumboSacral Orthosis

Maintenance and care:

  • Brace should be worn over a cotton shirt.
  • Fold the lumbar sacral brace and attach the handle near the power units when not in use.
  • Remove all panels prior to machine washing, all panels must be hand washed with mild soap and air dry.
  • Hand wash in warm water, towel off, and air dry in shade.
  • Do not use any substances containing chlorine.
  • At the end of its use life, discard it along with your normal.

Side effects and warning:

  • Assuming that the products are used according to instructions and given that they are not invasive, there are no side effects affecting the organism as a whole.
  • All braces and support, if too tight, can cause discomfort due to compression.
  • If you observe any change in your general state or deterioration of your condition, please consult your doctor.
  • During prolonged periods, it is recommended to reduce the tension on your device until you resume normal activities where you will reset the tension to the original level recommended to you.
  • Any modifications of these products will result in the annulment of the warranty along with the denial of any responsibilities on our behalf.

How to fit:

  • To adjust the flaps to the desired length, first identify the correct sizing section for the waist circumference.
  • Remove each flap from the corset pocket and fold each flap along the outer edges of the desired sizing section (SM-3X) as indicated by the red stitching.
  • Note: It is suggested that the flaps are folded along the outer edge of the desired section during the initial fitting to ensure the correct length is chosen. For smaller waist circumferences, the ends of the flaps may have to be folded over more than once to fit inside the pocket. Once the flap length is confirmed, the flap may be trimmed with scissors along the outer edge of the red lines.
  • Insert each flap into the corset pockets and smooth the pockets over each flap to secure them in place.
  • The flap covered in hook material on the back should be on the left side and the flap with loop material on the back should be on the right side.
  • Insert the posterior panel into the elastic.
  • Wrap the hook and loop fastening strips around each side of the corset with the loop material on the exterior at the desired locations.
  • Close the strip to form a loop over the corset.
  • Fasten the 4 Velcro tabs with the white side down over the hook and loop fastening strips.
  • Secure the lateral panels over the Velcro tabs.
  • Open and extend the flaps of the brace. They should be fully extended each time it is applied and the handle should be placed near the patients lateral midline.
  • Center both ends of the pulley device over the posterior panel. The flap with the handle should be on the left.
  • Place the brace with the posterior panel centered at the lower back, over the spine.
  • Hold the right abdominal flap firmly with the right hand over the abdomen. Grasp the left flap with the left hand and stretch the flap outwards. Next, wrap the left flap around the body using the Velcro ends to secure the left flap over the right flap.
  • Pull the handle to the desired position. To shorten the cord length, remove the clip from the back pocket of the handle and wrap the cord through the clip loop until the desired length is achieved and place the clip back into the pocket. When the appropriate amount of tension is reached, place the hook backed handle down onto the brace to secure the fit.

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