MJM International Sling Shower Gurney With Three Position Elevating Headrest

MJM International Sling Shower Gurney With Three Position Elevating Headrest

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MJM International Sling Shower Gurney With Three Position Elevating Headrest comes without drain pan. It is made of healthcare grade PVC pipe and fittings and features contoured frame no sharp edges to avoid skin breaks during transfers. The side safety railings are secured with user-friendly lock pins and drop side railings allow barrier free transferring. It is reinforced at all stress related areas.

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Item # Desc Pkg Price
920 79"L x 28"W x 30"H (Safety Rails Up) Each

Features of MJM International Sling Gurney

  • Easy to assemble
  • Safety rails keep patient locked in during use
  • 5-position head tilt allows for easier showering
  • Mesh backing makes cleaning the gurney simpler
  • Reinforcements at each stress point keep the gurney safe and sturdy

What to buy with MJM International Sling Shower Gurney

How to care for Sling Gurney with Three Position Elevating Headrest?

PVC piping and casters:

  • Wipe down piping with non-abrasive cleanser.
  • Do not use solvents.
  • Restore luster with Johnson's Pledge or similar spray wax.
  • If casters are used in wet environment, keep lubricated with white lithium paste or similar lubricant; remove hair and mop- thread build up.
  • Provide a weekly maintenance to avoid premature rusting.
  • Rust Proof or Plastic caster need the same care to get the maximum usage.

Mesh Fabric (Sling):

  • If laundering is required, use only COLD water in large machine, with regular detergent and one-cup bleach.
  • Do not use softeners or solvents.
  • Spin-dry only; machine heat will shrink mesh fabric.
  • Hang damp fabric on frame and allow to air dry, returning to its original shape.

Solid Fabric (Privacy Skirt)

  • Wipe down panels with sponge using solution of mild detergent, one-cup bleach and three gallons water, Do not launder in machine.
  • To keep vinyl flexible, occasionally spray with furniture polish (e.g. Pledge) or vinyl formula (Armor All).
  • This will help drying out and cracking.

Footrests and Drop Arms

  • Remove soap build-up from the sliding surface; with a soft bristle brush and soapy solution.
  • Lubricate sliding mechanism with furniture spray wax to restore ease in movement.
  • When lifting the drop arm, use two hands, one at each end of the section.
  • Lifting only at hand grip will put undue pressure against the sliding fitting.

Soft Seat

  • Wipe with non-abrasive disinfectant wash.
  • Avoid contacting th sharp or rough surfaces.

Sling Shower Gurney Warranty

One year limited warranty

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