Bionix Enteral Feeding Tube Declogger

Bionix Enteral Feeding Tube Declogger

Brand/Manufacturer: BIONIX

This item has been permanently discontinued by the manufacturer.

Bionix eternal feeding tube de-clogger eliminates long interruptions in your patient's feeding or medication schedule. It reduces the need for costly tube replacements. It is safe and has a flexible plastic design that conforms to the feeding tube, greatly reducing the risk of puncture. The eternal feeding tube has a safety stop disk to prevent over-insertion.

Enteral Feeding Tube Declogger Features

  • Flexible material prevents puncturing of the feeding tube
  • For single use only
  • Regular use prevents clogging
  • Takes less than two minutes to clean the feeding tube
  • Bores easily through occlusions to restore nutrition and medication flow.
  • Keeps tube clean and unclogs hard to reach areas
  • Reduces the need to change the feeding tubes

How to use Bionix Feeding Tube Declogger?

  1. Determine the size of the gastric or jejunostomy tube. CAUTION: Verify that the tube has not been modified, i.e. shortened.
  2. Select appropriate size DeClogger that corresponds to the size of the tube.
  3. Turn enteral feeding pump to PAUSE position and disconnect from enteral tube. (If gravity pump, clamp the tubing.)
  4. Insert the DeClogger to reach the blockage and slowly rotate two times in a clockwise direction then reverse and rotate two times in a counterclockwise direction while removing it.
  5. Do not attempt to force the DeClogger through the entire blockage.
  6. Repeat step 4 until the stop disk of the DeClogger is reached without difficulty. 
  7. Flush tube with 30-60 cc’s of water.
  8. Once clear, reconnect the delivery tube and restart the enteral feeding.
  9. Discard DeClogger and document results.

Bionix Enteral Feeding Tube Declogger User Instructions

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