Kimberly-Clark MIC Gastrostomy Feeding Tube

Kimberly-Clark MIC Gastrostomy Feeding Tube

  • Latex Free

Kimberly-Clark MIC Gastrostomy Feeding Tube is designed for pediatrics and adults requiring continuous enteral feeding with intermittent medication. This product by Halyard has triple-lumen design which ensures separate delivery of medication and nutrition. MIC G Feeding Tube is indicated for patients requiring continuous enteral feeding.

Kimberly Clark Mic Gastrostomy Feeding Tube Highlights

  • Medical grade silicone construction
  • Inflatable silicone internal retention balloon
  • Secur-Lok external retention ring
  • Universal feeding port connector
  • Built-in medication port
  • Has radiopaque stripe

Item # Desc Pkg Price
0100-16LV 16FR, Pediatric, MIC Gastrostomy Tube Each
0100-18 18FR, Adult, MIC Gastrostomy Tube Each
0100-20 20FR, Adult, MIC Gastrostomy Tube Each
0100-22 22FR, Adult, MIC Gastrostomy Tube Each
0100-24 24FR, Adult, MIC Gastrostomy Tube Each
0100-26 26FR, Adult, MIC Gastrostomy Tube Each

Kimberly-Clark MIC Gastrostomy Feeding Tube Features

  • High clarity medical grade silicone construction is designed for visibility and drapability‚ 
  • Universal connector design helps provide a secure connection, minimizes unintentional disconnects and preserves tube life‚ 
  • Clearly marked feeding, medication and balloon ports of MIC Gastrostomy Tube provide ease of identification‚ 
  • Ventilated Secur-Lok external retention ring:
    - Allows air circulation around the stoma
    - Maintains optimal stoma health
    - Reduces tube pressure 360 degrees from sides of stoma wall
    - Helps prevent tube migration
  • Kimberly-Clark MIC Gastrostomy Feeding Tube has dual exit ports‚ 
  • Inflatable internal retention balloon reduces patient trauma experienced with obturated devices‚ 
  • Luer-Lok balloon port ensures secure syringe connection and makes it easier for one-handed operation‚ 
  • Single use‚ 
  • Balloon Volume:
    - Pediatric: 3ml to 5ml
    - Adult: 7ml to 10ml

MIC G Feeding Tube Benefits

  • MIC G Tube extends the balloon beyond the distal tip at recommended fill volumes to decrease the potential for gastric wall irritation or erosion‚ 
  • Tapered distal tip eases insertion for better patient comfort
  • Radiopaque stripe of Kimberly Clark Feeding Tube aids in catheter visualization‚ 
  • Graduated centimeter markings ensure that tube is in the correct position‚ 
  • Designed to deliver optimal performance and value‚ 
  • Medical-grade silicone tube material is bio compatible and flexible‚ 
  • Round skin disk is easily adjusted to maintain correct tube position‚ 
  • Open-end feeding port at distal end permits optimal flow‚ 
  • Large single port fits irrigation-tip syringes‚ 
  • FDA approved and CE marked‚ 
  • MIC Feeding Tube is gamma sterilized‚ 
  • Natural rubber latex-free‚ 
  • Sterile


  • 0100-12LV comes with Non-Recessed Distal Tip while all others come with Recessed Distal Tip

Every-Day Care Of MIC Gastrostomy Tube

  • To prolong the Kimberly-Clark MIC Gastrostomy Feeding Tube life and help prevent infection at the stoma site be sure to maintain the cleanliness of the feeding tube.
  • Along with the cleanliness of the feeding tube, cleanliness of skin around the stoma is also important.
  • A cotton-tipped applicator works well to clean the extension set immediately after each use.
  • Wash MIC Gastrostomy Tube in warm soapy water, rinse and allow to air-dry.

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