Kimberly-Clark Gastrostomy Feeding Tube

Kimberly-Clark Gastrostomy Feeding Tube

  • Latex Free

Kimberly-Clark Gastrostomy Feeding Tube allows the balloon to extend past the distal tip at specified fill volumes. It is made of high-clarity medical-grade silicone for visibility and drapeability and features a tapered distal tip for simple catheter insertion. A tube called a Kimberly Clark Enteral Feeding Tube is put into the stomach through the abdomen. It makes it possible for in-home patients and their caregivers to give enteral nutrients to the stomach.

Kimberly Clark Gastrostomy Feeding Tube Benefits

  • Universal Feeding Port Connector
  • Medication Port
  • Dual exit ports
  • Tapered Distal Tip
  • Recessed distal tip at a recommended fill volume

Item # Desc Pkg Price
0112-14LV 14FR, 9-1/2" L, 3 - 5 mL Balloon, Silicone, Green Each
0112-16LV 16FR, 3 to 5 mL Balloon, Silicone, Orange Each
0112-18 18FR, 7 to 10 mL Balloon, Silicone, Red Each
0112-20 20FR, 7 to 10 mL Balloon, Silicone, Yellow Each
0112-22 22FR, 7 to 10 mL Balloon, Silicone, Purple Each
0112-24 24FR, 7 to 10 mL Balloon, Silicone, Blue Each

Features of Kimberly-Clark Gastrostomy Silicon Feeding Tube

  • High-clarity medical grade silicone construction is used for visibility and drapability
  • Recessed distal tip extends the balloon beyond the distal tip at recommended fill volumes
  • Unique design of Kimberly-Clark Gastrostomy Feeding Tube decreases the potential for gastric wall irritation or erosion
  • Clearly marked feeding, medication and balloon ports provide ease of identification
  • Tapered tip eases catheter insertion and enhances patient comfort
  • Slim design allows more air to circulate around the stoma side
  • Retention balloon holds the Kimberly Clark Gastrostomy Tube in place within the stomach and secure in the stoma tracked
  • Anti-reflux valve is located inside the feeding port where its job is to help prevent the stomach contents from leaking out when the patient is not feeding
  • When the balloon is inflated to the proper size the external portion of the tube should float just above the skin with a space about the thickness of a dime
  • Radiopaque stripe aids in catheter visualization
  • Graduated centimeter markings for tube position verification
  • Ventilated external retention ring:
  • FDA approved and CE marked
  • Gamma sterilized
  • Sterile
  • Natural Rubber latex free

Gastrostomy Silicon Feeding Tube by Kimberly-Clark Parts

  1. Universal feeding port connector
  2. Secur-Lok external retention ring
  3. Medication Port
  4. External Retention Ring
  5. Medical Grade Silicone Construction
  6. Graduated Centimeter Markings
  7. Radiopaque Stripe
  8. Inflatable internal retention balloon
  9. Recessed and tapered distal tip
Kimberly Clark G Tube

What to buy with Kimberly Clark G Tube

How to do Everyday Care of Kimberly Clark G Tube?

  • To prolong the Kimberly-Clark Gastrostomy Feeding Tube life and help prevent infection at the stoma site, be sure to maintain the cleanliness of the feeding tube and the skin around the stoma
  • Remember to clean the anti-reflux valve to keep it functioning properly
  • A cotton-tipped applicator works well to clean the extension set immediately after each use
  • Wash Kimberly Clark G tube in warm soapy water, rinse and allow to air-dry

Kimberly-Clark Enteral Feeding Tube Specification

Item # Outer Diameter    Balloon Volume   Color  
0112-14LV    14Fr 3-5 ml Balloon Kimberly-Clark Gastrostomy Feeding Tube_Green
0112-16LV 16Fr 3-5 ml Balloon Kimberly-Clark Gastrostomy Feeding Tube_Orange
0112-18 18Fr 7-10 ml Balloon Kimberly-Clark Gastrostomy Feeding Tube_Red
0112-20 20Fr 7-10 ml Balloon Kimberly-Clark Gastrostomy Feeding Tube_Yellow
0112-22 22Fr 7-10 ml Balloon Kimberly-Clark Gastrostomy Feeding Tube_Purple
0112-24 24Fr 7-10 ml Balloon Kimberly-Clark Gastrostomy Feeding Tube_Blue


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