Jodi-Vac Pro Hearing Aid Vacuum System

Jodi-Vac Pro Hearing Aid Vacuum System

Brand/Manufacturer: JODI-VAC
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Jodi Vac Pro Hearing Aid Vacuum System is a revolutionary vacuum device designed to maintain the efficiency and reliability of hearing aids. When hearing aids become burdened by dirt, moisture, and earwax, their performance weakens, and hearing aids may lose either some or all of their functionality, it helps to clean them. It is easy to use, very economical, portable and lightweight for travel.

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JodiPro Pro Hearing Aid Vacuum Each


  • Jodi Vac Pro Hearing Aid Vacuum System includes:
    - (1) Pink ITE, ITC, CIC, RIC needle
    - (1) Black BTE ear mold needle
    - (1) Light Blue open ear thin tube needle
    - (2) Steel reamers
  • Suitable for house calls, health fairs
  • Flexible tubing, a full length bristled reamer and original reliable filter assemblies
  • Box size: 3" X 4" x 2.5" tall
  • Pump: Vacuum is 22.5" of Mercury
  • Motor: Motor carries an industrial rating of 2000 hours of continuous operation
  • Electrical:
    Internals operate on 12VDC and Power Supply is universal 100-260Vac, 50/60Hz
    - Ac cords are interchangeable for international use
  • Vacuum:
    - ISO LuerLoc Clear filter assembly is replaceable
    - Wax/Debris collects in filter assembly and a busy office should get 6 months of use from one
    - Vacuum filters are not serviceable, replace when full
    - Ball located behind filter is a flow indicator, unclogged- ball rises to black connector
    - 3 needles are provided, covering the highly efficient cleaning of CICs, ITCs, ITEs, RICs, open ear thin tubes and ear molds
    - Needles can be cleaned with a needle reamer
    - Blue coiled tube extends to a full length of 35"
  • Note:
    - Home use of this product should get 12 months service
    - Household consumer will get only one type of needle which is PINK ITE, ITC, CIC, RIC needle while professional consumers would get all three needles

More Information

  • Normal Vacuum Operation:
    - Turn on switch to Vacuum
    - Our pink needle is specifically designed for maximum vacuum efficiency in CICs, ITC, ITE, and RIC sound bores
    - The Light Blue needle is sized for open ear Thin Tubes
    - Our Black needle is oversized for Ear Molds
    - Changing this needle to another size will decrease vacuuming efficiency in the sound bore and the receiver nubbin
  • Cleaning:
    Do not immerse in liquids or apply liquids by pouring onto unit
    - You may spray a light mist and wipe dry or use a damp cloth
    - Alcohol wipes are convenient
  • Important safeguards: To reduce the risk of electric shock:
    - Always unplug this product immediately after using
    - Do not use while bathing
    - Do not place or store product where it can fall or be pulled into a tub or sink
    - Do not place in or drop into water or other liquid


3 year warranty unless filter is tampered with. Warranty is void if damage is incurred through abuse, dropping, or poor packaging on users part should factory servicing be required. Needles and filters are not included in 3 yr warranty.

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