Jamar 9-Hole Peg Test Kit

Jamar 9-Hole Peg Test Kit

Jamar 9 Hole Peg Test is made of one piece and has a molded dish next to the 9-hole pegboard to maintain even reach. The entire board and dish are constructed out of plastic. It offers straightforward but efficient test procedures. The hand exerciser kit is simple to disinfect using for use in a hygienic manner. A timer is included to time and compare how well the weak hand and strong hand work. Ideal for evaluating hand trauma and neurological conditions. The pegboard is 31.1 cm x 26 cm x 4.3 cm in size.

Item # Desc Pkg Price
A8515 12-1/4" x 10-1/4" x 1-11/16" (31cm x 26cm x 4cm) Each

Features of Jamar 9 Hole Peg Test

  • Testing is simple and easy
  • Place all of the pegs into the holes and then have them remove the pegs into the built-in dish
  • This can be done with a weak hand and strong hand to test relative capabilities or compared to standards for overall measurements
  • This hand testing kit is easy to understand for patients and gives accurate feedback for practitioners
  • It is designed to test and develop an individual’s fine motor skills or help diagnose neurocognitive disorders
  • This 9 Hole Peg Test is accomplished with timed hand-eye coordination tests that gauge hand dexterity and control
  • The main purpose of a pegboard is to improve fine motor skills. Fine motor skills involve the smaller muscles of the toddler's hands, fingers, and wrists to perform tasks like eating, brushing teeth, or getting dressed
  • The test kit is ideal for both mental and physical deficiency testing
  • It is ideal for testing stroke victims or individuals who have suffered recent hand trauma

Benefits of Jamar 9 Hole Pegboard For Toddlers

  • Fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination:
    • Pegboard provides the opportunity to develop fine motor functions and hand-eye coordination
    • To grasp the peg and successfully place it in a small hole is a big achievement for toddlers
    • By practicing and learning it, children will be able to perform self-care tasks independently
  • Color Recognition:
    • Color recognition in kids begins around age one, which is considered a milestone in their cognitive process
    • Most pegboard sets are bright and colorful, which enhances the toddler's ability to identify colors
  • Concentration:
    • Pegboards also generate a lot of concentration
    • Children enjoy this fun task of manipulating pegs on the board
    • A lot of focus is required on this task which increases concentration

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