ICU Medical Lopez Valve Closed Enteral Tube Valve

ICU Medical Lopez Valve Closed Enteral Tube Valve

Brand/Manufacturer: ICU MEDICAL
  • Latex Free

ICU Medical Lopez Valve Closed Enteral Tube Valve features clinically-proven stopcock technology that maintains a closed system throughout enteral feeding, drug administration, and suctioning procedures. The user is protected from unintentional exposure to infectious bodily fluids while saving time by avoiding the use of NG tube plugs and poor syringe connections.

Item # Desc Pkg Price
M9000T With Tethered Cap, Sterile Each
M9000SEF ENFit Lopez Valve Each
M9000T With Tethered Cap, Sterile 50/Pack
M9000 Without Tethered Cap, Sterile Each

Features of Lopez Valve by ICU Medical

  • Medication Port to deliver medication via syringe, lavage valve, and NG tube.
  • Tapered NG Tube Connection to securely attach Lopez Valve to enteral feeding tube.
  • Universal Adaptor to securely attach feeding or nutrition source.
  • Provides access to enteral systems without opening lines.
  • Facilitates continuous gastric lavage without risk of splashing.
  • Avoids unnecessary line manipulation, use of nasogastric (NG) tube plugs, and disconnections required to deliver medications.
  • Reduces exposure to potentially infectious blood or gastric secretions.
  • Closed valve technology is designed to keep healthcare workers safe from bloodborne pathogens.
  • Latex-free.

What is a Lopez Valve used for?

The Lopez Valve is designed to help you save time by eliminating the use of nasogastric (NG) tube plugs and poor syringe connections while keeping you safe from accidental exposure to infectious bodily fluids.

What is Lopez Valve Feeding Tube made of?

Lopez Valve - Closed Enteral Tube Valve is constructed out of four (4) components:

  • A polycarbonate valve body
  • A low linear density polyethylene valve core
  • A polyethylene cap
  • A vinyl adapter tube

Lopez Valve Benefits

What to buy with G Tube Lopez Valve

How to use Lopez Valve Closed Enteral Tube Valve?

  • The device is intended to be a disposable, single-use product.
  • The Lopez Valve should be handled in a similar nature as other single-use enteral products.
  • Inspect the device prior to each use for signs of wear.

How often should Lopez Valve be changed?

  • The most common change protocol for the valve in an acute care setting is weekly.
  • In an alternate care setting, the valve may be used longer.
  • Inspect the device prior to each use for signs of wear.
  • If there is visible wear (black lettering worn off, leakage, cracks, etc.) the valve should be replaced.

How to clean Lopez Valve G Tube?

The valve can be cleaned using a mild detergent and water when appropriate.

Lopez Valve User Manuals


Test Wrist Circumference
Luer Compatibility (Incoming Port "A") Enteral luer slips from feeding sets, and suction tubes, universal adapter provided
Luer Compatibility (outflow port “B”) Outgoing, tube to the patient
Luer Compatibility (syringe port “C”) 60cc syringe male luer slips at the syringe port


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