Homecraft Kings Utensils Assessment Kit

Homecraft Kings Utensils Assessment Kit

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Homecraft Kings Utensils Assessment Kit is ideal for determining individual patient needs. It contains one of each utensil, handle and sleeve, and includes case and 32 pieces. To assemble, simply push the utensil spigot into the hole of the handle. If the handle needs to be built up further, add sleeves. All items are non-corroding and dishwasher safe. BPA and phthalates free.


Item # Desc Pkg Price
555616 Kings Assessment Kit Each


Note:This item cannot be returned or exchanged due to hygienic reasons

More Information

Fitting and Adjustment:
1. Basic Fitting - Utensil to handle: To assemble a cutlery utensil to any of the handles simply push the handle firmly on to the cutlery utensil until it becomes flush with the handle. Rotate the handle to the desired position by twisting gently.
2. Use of the adaptor: If the angled adaptor is required, push the adaptor on to the cutlery utensil and then push the adaptor into the chosen handle. Rotate the handle to the desired position by twisting gently.
3. Use of Double Ended Handles:
- If using a handle with two utensils, place them into the handle, following the basic fitting instructions. If only one utensil is used then the spigot provided may be placed in the other end to close off the opening.
- If the strap is required with a single or double piece of cutlery, push the main cutlery item through the single hole end of the strap and place the other cutlery piece or spigot provided through the appropriate hole in the strap. Note the strap will stretch but must not be too tight
4. Use of Vari-grip PVC Sleeves:
- To use the vari-grip built-up sleeves etc, they must all be fitted over the slim handle. First attach the slim handle to the cutlery utensil as in the basic fitting instructions. Then slide the chosen sleeve over the open end of the handle and push it on until it is flush with the rim of the handle. Rotate the handle to the desired position by twisting gently.
5. Use of the Customised Handle Kit:
- One packet of FIMO is sufficient to make one handle. Work a small piece (a 1cm / 1/4" block) in your hand until pliable; gradually add the rest of the block until it is all pliable. If you find this difficult, the FIMO can be placed on a radiator for 1 to 2 minutes to soften.
- Form the shape required for the individuals hand and push the pinched end of the metal inner core into the FIMO leaving the rim of the open end protruding slightly.
- Take care not to get any material in the open end and check that the moulded shape has not been distorted.
- Harden in a standard oven at a maximum temperature of 130°C / 265°F for 20 to 30 minutes. Note: do not fit the cutlery utensil until it has been hardened and is cool.

To Disassemble: If you wish to change cutlery utensils or handles simply twist the handle gently and pull out.

Cleaning and Care: Most items in the range can be washed in the usual manner or in a dishwasher. The lightweight handles, however, should not be washed in a dishwasher

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