Sammons Bathmaster Sonaris Reclining Bath Lift

Sammons Bathmaster Sonaris Reclining Bath Lift

  • FSA Approved

Sammons Bathmaster Sonaris Reclining Bath Lift combines superb functionality, outstanding performance and great design giving the user a delightful bathing experience. The single-button operation allows the user to descend and keep the backrest upright or to recline back to a more comfortable position, while retaining ample leg room to relax in the bath.

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81621788 Bath Lift Each


  • Sammons Bathmaster Sonaris Reclining Bath Lift has all-plastic construction which is easy to clean, yet strong and durable
  • Large side flaps allow easy transfers
  • Recline is entirely controlled by the user after the lift has completed its descent
  • User can select any angle of recline up to 40°
  • Speed is decreased during the reclining of the backrest so the user feels more comfortable
  • An audible beep and warning light identify when the battery requires charging and when to stop using the bath lift
  • The lightweight seat and back simply click together easily for quick assembly, installation and removal
  • A built-in safety mechanism ensures the bath lift will not lower if there is insufficient charge in the battery to raise the user

More Information

  • Simple operation; just lightly press the large control pads, which are textured to assist the visually impaired
  • Holding points on each component simplify carrying and transportation
  • Simple operation; just lightly press the large control pads, which are textured to assist the visually impaired
  • An automatic sleep facility occurs after 10 minutes of non-use in order to optimize battery performance, reactivate simply by pressing a control pad
  • Fits most shapes and sizes of bath tubs with suction-cup feet that may be angled in any direction to suit the curvature of the bath and to ensure stability and safety
  • Superior battery provides average of 8 to 10 lifts, depending on the weight of the user and the number of times used weekly, it only requires three hours to fully charge
  • Adjustable sucker feet to suit the curvature of the bath, ensuring stability
  • Do the following:
    - Ensure the suitability of the unit to lift the individual is assessed. Judging the suitability of any patient lifting device is the responsibility of the healthcare professional or the care giver. Some circumstances that must be considered include the following: size and weight of the individual; his or her upper body strength, balance, co-ordination, cognition and hip flexibility; their potential to spasm
    - Inspect the unit before each use to be sure it is free from damage and excessive wear. Bi-annual inspections by trained technicians are strongly recommended
    - Ensure both the bath surface and suction feet are clean, dry and free from soap and bath oil residue before fitting the Bathmaster Sonaris into the bath
    - Use the Bathmaster Sonaris only with accessories, hand controllers, and rechargers
    - When the Bathmaster Sonaris is being used by a disabled person unaided, please ensure that an alarm system or telephone is available that could be used in the event of difficulty or emergency
  • Do not do the following:
    - Do not exceed the maximum lifting capacity of the unit -140kg (22stone, 308lb). An overload protection mechanism is incorporated and the lift will not operate if the maximum load is exceeded. In the event that a patient exceeding the maximum load is partially lowered before the overload mechanism operates the patient can be lifted by manually bearing a small proportion of their weight, which will allow the overload mechanism to reset
    Note: The overload mechanism will reset automatically, however it is important to ensure the unit is not damaged in any way and should be thoroughly inspected before the next use
    - Do not use the Bathmaster Sonaris as a support to help you stand or steady yourself
    - Do not use the unit on an incline greater than 5°
    - Do not operate the hand controller whilst the unit is disassembled
    - Do not use the Bathmaster Sonaris if metal parts of the connectors or cables are exposed
    - Do not use Bathmaster Sonaris for other uses than which it is designed and detailed in these instructions
    - Do not allow children to play with Bathmaster Sonaris, its parts or accessories
    - During assembly, use or cleaning, be careful not to put your fingers between any moving parts, especially around the backrest
    - Do not carry the backrest of the Bathmaster Sonaris by the drive mechanism


Particulars Dimensions
Seat Size 510mm x 680mm including side flaps
510mm x 380mm excluding side flaps
Backrest Size 615mm x 355mm
Height Range 75mm to 455mm (3” to 18”)
Backrest Reclining Speed 3.93° per second
Maximum Angle of Recline 40°
Average Number of Lift Cycles 18 (based on 100kg load)
Seat Weight 7.3kg (15.8lb)
Backrest Weight 4.7kg (10.3lb)
Maximum User Weight 140kg (22 stone)

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