Hely & Weber Air Ankle Stirrup

Hely & Weber Air Ankle Stirrup

Brand/Manufacturer: HELY & WEBER
  • FSA Approved

Hely & Weber Air Ankle Stirrup promotes Edema Reduction and supportive protection for acute ankle sprains. Its universal shell design is one size that comfortably fits left and right. Its two Air Cell design aids in active edema reduction. Air Ankle Stirrup heel pad widths can easily be adjusted. It features thicker heel pad provided for durability and support and air cell pressure is adjustable for a better fit.

Item # Desc Pkg Reward Price
307U Universal Size Each $1.21

More Information

  • Care:
    - Wash hand using mild soap.
    - Rinse thoroughly.
    - Air dry only.
    - Do not tumble dry.
  •  Air Cell Adjustment:
    - Air-cells come pre-inflated to correct pressure and do not require adjustment.
    - Change only at high altitudes, or if the normal adjustments are not sufficient to achieve a comfortable fit.
    - To deflate air cells unfold valves at top of brace.
    - Insert inflation tube 1 1/2” into each air cell.
    - Air-cell will deflate.
    - To inflate, blow through the tube into each air cell. After adjusting inflation level squeeze valve flat and fold back under the air-cell.
  •  Fitting:
    - Ankle Stirrup should be worn over an absorbent sock with a shoe. If it does not fit well readjust straps and/or heel pad width.
  • Application:
    - Adjust both straps on heel-pad to accommodate heel width.
    - Place foot in the brace with heel directly on heel-pad and bring the sides up.
    - Wrap the lower strap first, then wrap the top strap.
    - Apply shoe over the brace.
    - Adjust inflation level if needed.
  • Warnings and Instructions:
    - Review carefully, proper application is required.
    - This device will not prevent or eliminate the risk of injury.
    - Do Not Overtighten.
    - If swelling, pain, skin irritation, or an unusual reaction occurs, discontinue use immediately and consult your medical professional.

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