H2OGym Underwater Stepper And Twister Exercise Equipment

H2OGym Underwater Stepper And Twister Exercise Equipment

Brand/Manufacturer: H2OGYM-US

H2OGym Underwater Stepper and Twister Exercise Equipment is a great combination of a stepper for therapy or aerobic exercise with a twister for core training and flexibility. The stepper is ideal for closed chain therapies, beginning gait training and solid for a secure feel and constant use. The twister is a rotating disc with small balls that massage the bottoms of the feet while the user twist to exercise the abdominal or core muscles.

Item # Desc Pkg Price
#603 Stepper and Twister Each


  • H2OGym Underwater Stepper and Twister Exercise Equipment for faster rehab with less pain and less swelling
  • Includes roller balls on cams to massage feet while user exercises his/her core
  • All of the benefits of water buoyancy and a simple stepper machine
  • Benefits of stair climbing exercise opposite a pad for abdominal twists
  • Both the stepper and twister stations help with balance and control while comfortably gripping the security of 2" stainless steel
  • Installed Size: 44"L X 32"W X 61"H
  • Installed Weight: 88 lbs
  • Benefits of Aquatic Therapy:
    - Water buoyancy helps to protect recuperating knees/ankles/hips
    - Great for overweight individuals looking for exercise, but unable to walk far enough out of the water to effectively burn calories while in the water, these individuals can walk the distance and burn the calories to put themselves on track for a healthier life
    - Gait training is much simpler with fast results in the water
    - Aquatic exercise reduces pain and increases flexibility
    - Water exercise supports and massages the body
    - Kidneys become more efficient with warm water exercise
    - All of the benefits of land exercise-without feeling the sweat
    - Water Exercise strengthens lung inspiratory musculature
    - Aquatic Exercise helps reduce blood pressure, stress and risk of injury
    - Warm water exercise reduces Blood Pressure
    - Warm water exercise reduces stress and autonomic arousal
    - Warm water exercise may increase muscular blood flow by 250%
    - Aquatic exercise may be one of the best therapies for spine injuries, MS, Cerebral Palsy, Fibromyalgia and many more

More Information

  • Suggested Maintenance:
    - H2OGym equipment should be removed from the water and checked/inspected and rinsed with fresh water at regular intervals
    - The minimum interval is every month, although shorter intervals may be required
    - Shorter intervals should be determined by the facility managers to maintain safety and cleanliness of the product
  • Cleaning Instructions:
    - Simply rinse with fresh water
    - If there are spots on the stainless steel that require additional cleaning, "Bar Keepers Friend" available at most grocery in the cleaning supplies section is recommended
    - Stubborn spots can be cleaned with a cloth, "scotchbrite pad" or a plastic brush
    - Using "Bar Keepers Friend" helps to "passify" the stainless steel keeping it looking great for many years

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