Graham Field Lumex Patient Hydraulic Lift

Graham Field Lumex Patient Hydraulic Lift

  • Made in USA

Graham Field Lumex Patient Hydraulic Lift is intended to aid in the transfer of an individual who is unable to independently transfer between bed, chair, wheelchair, and/or commode. The lumex hydraulic patient lift is an affordable non-powered lift with ergonomic hydraulic pump handle making lifting easier. Once lifted, the 360° rotating spread bar makes handling and placing the patient easier.

Lumex Patient Hydraulic Lift Highlights:

  • Heavy gauge steel construction
  • 360° rotation
  • Manually adjustable foot pedal
  • Ergonomic placement
  • Disassembles for storage
  • Maximum weight capacity 400 lb


 WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -


Item# LF103

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Total: $1180.19
Total: $874.25

Lumex Hydraulic Patient Lift Features

  • Heavy gauge steel construction
  • Six point spreader bar with 360° rotation
  • Ergonomic placement of hydraulic pump handle facilitates ease of use
  • Disassembles for easy storage
  • Maximum weight capacity 400 lb
  • Uses Lumex six-point, four-point, or 2-point slings

How To Use Patient Lift

Lifting the patient from a bed

  1. With patient face-up in center of bed, roll patient onto their side away from attendant.
  2. Place sling, folded lengthwise, halfway under patient with lower edge just beneath knees.
  3. Roll patient onto their side toward attendant, pull sling to smooth it, and center patient on sling.
  4. Pull the leg loops forward and under the thighs. Cross the loops, one through the other.
  5. Roll the base of the patient lift under the bed, locating the spreader bar over the patient and be careful not to lower the spreader bar onto the patient. Center the spreader bar over the patient before lifting.
  6. Hook the sling loops onto the spreader bar.
  7. If the patient is in a hospital bed, raise the bed;s head section to elevate the patient.
  8. Raise the patient carefully and if possible, lower the bed. Re-position the patient as needed, using the handle on the back of the sling, to ensure a safe and comfortable sitting position as the patient is raised.
  9. Raise the patient until the buttocks are just above the mattress. Lift the patients legs and turn the patient to face the lifting column. Move the patient lift away from the bed. Ensure that the patient;s arms and legs clear the patient lift, bed, or any other obstacles.

Lowering the patient into bed

  1. Raise the patient lift until the patients buttocks are above the surface of the bed. Ensure that there are no obstacles underneath or around the bed. Move the patient lift under the bed. Ensure the patient does not hit any portion of the bed and that the patients legs have cleared the bed.
  2. Center the patient over the bed, and rotate the patient to face the foot section of the bed. Slowly release the pressure knob by turning it counter-clockwise for gradual lowering of the patient or using the hand control pendant. Carefully lower the patient onto the bed. Support the patients head, if necessary, while being lowered. Remove the sling by reversing the procedures used when lifting patient from bed.

Lifting the patient from the floor

  1. Position the patient lift behind the patient, placing a pillow over the base to protect and support the patients head and neck. Place the patient;s head carefully on the base. The patient lift should be positioned with the spreader bar centered over the patient.
  2. Lower the spreader bar. Attach the sling to the spreader bar hooks.
  3. Lift the patient up above the floor. Position the patient in the sling by pulling the handle on the back of the sling. Turn the patient to face the lifting column, and place the patients feet on the base, straddling the column for extra stability.

Lowering the patient to the floor

  1. Place a pillow on the base to protect the patients head and neck (this is unnecessary when using a sling with a head support).
  2. Reverse the above procedures to lower.

Warning WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -


Particulars Blue, Black/Silver With Foot Pedal
Type Hydraulic Hydraulic
Max Weight Capacity 400 lb 400 lb
Floor Clearance 5.5" 4.4"
Lifting Height 27.4" 23.8"
Maximum Height 80.3" 75"
Overall Length 48" 53.5"
Overall Height 55" 56.8"
Overall Width 24.6" 26"
Max Base width 43" 41"
Min Base width 24.6" 26"
Weight 90 lb 90 lb



1 year limited warranty

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