Ez-Access Suitcase Trifold Advantage Series Ramp

Ez-Access Suitcase Trifold Advantage Series Ramp

Brand/Manufacturer: EZ-ACCESS
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  • Made in USA

Ez-Access Suitcase Trifold Advantage Series Ramp has a unique 3-fold design, an applied slip-resistant surface, self-adjusting bottom transition plates, for easy conversion from ramp to ground, and can be separated into two individual sections. It is constructed with aluminum, offers a built-in carrying handle and is used most commonly for wheelchairs and mobility scooters. Trifold Ramp is ideal for raised landings, steps, or larger vehicles.

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Item # Desc Pkg Price
SUITCASE TFAS05 5ft x 29-1/2" (Without Top Lip Extension) Each
SUITCASE TFAS06 6ft x 29-1/2" (Without Top Lip Extension) Each
SUITCASE TFAS07 7ft x 29-1/2" (Without Top Lip Extension) Each
SUITCASE TFAS08 8ft x 29-1/2" (Without Top Lip Extension) Each
SUITCASE TFAS10 10ft x 29-1/2" (Without Top Lip Extension) Each


  • Trifold Portable Ramp Design:
    - The unique trifold portable ramp design of the Suitcase Trifold Ramp makes it easy to set up and easy to transport from place to place
    - This trifold portable ramp can separate into two easy-to-carry sections
  • Slip-resistant Portable Ramp:
    Surface the Trifold AS Ramp offers an applied slip-resistant surface
  • Interlocking Hinge:
    - Interlocking hinge are designed for smoother operation and reduced pinch points
  • Self-adjusting Bottom Transition Plate:
    The Trifold AS Ramp also features self-adjusting bottom transition plates, which adjusts the trifold portable ramp to most surfaces, making this ramp one of the safest portable ramps
  • Allows for ultimate portability when longer ramp lengths are needed
  • Designed to be used and carried as one unit
  • Can be quickly separated into two individual sections for easier transport and reduced handling weight
  • Features an applied, slip-resistant surface
  • 800-pound weight capacity
  • Click Here for Instruction Manual

More Information

  • Installation Instructions:
    1. Read and follow all instructions before use.
    2. Do not use if ramp is damaged or unstable.
    3. For wheelchairs and scooters only (not intended for commercial use).
    4. Ramp is shipped fully assembled. To separate ramp into two halves for easy stowage and transportation, remove bolts and install hinge pins as follows: Position it. Align hinges, then insert hinge pin into each hinge assembly and connect ramp sections together before use. Spring section of pin should be on the underside (non-treaded side) of ramp. Ramp may be separated for use when loading or unloading unoccupied mobility equipment only. When used with occupied mobility equipment, use ramp as one unit (ensure both halves are joined with hinge pins or bolts firmly installed before use).
    5. Place ramp on landing in the folded position, making sure that the top lip transition plate (labeled TOP) is resting securely on the landing.
    6. Position ramp approximately its full length out from vehicle or step. Facing vehicle or step, begin working from the left side. Stand ramp upright on end with the hinged edge facing to the right. Lift up first top half of ramp toward step or vehicle and place ramp so that the top lip transition plate is securely supporting the ramp.
    7. Unfold second top half of ramp so that both halves are fully extended lengthwise with one half lying face down on top of the other.
    Note: Applied slip-resistant tread should not be exposed at this time. Open complete ramp, exposing entire applied slip-resistant tread surface, then center on landing.
    8. For ease in carrying and storage, ramp can be disconnected and carried in two sections. (When hinge pins are not in use, store in one side of hinge or on the underside of ramp by inserting into the gap behind the top I-beam.)
    9. To prevent ramp halves from swinging open, ensure that the Dual Lock tab (interlocking fastener) is pressed together and firmly locked in place. Prior to use, locate both of the 1" x 3/4" Dual Lock tabs (found opposite the applied slip-resistant tread side of the ramp, near the top and bottom edges), and then remove the top piece (its used only as a protective covering).
  • Safety and Maintenance:
    Regularly check ramp for damage, and check and tighten any loose fasteners.
    - Keep ramp surface clear of ice, snow, dirt, leaves, and other debris.
    - For snow/ice, remove accumulation and sweep the surface clean.
    - To remove dirt, leaves, and other debris, sweeping the surface or using a garden hose will usually suffice, but, if needed, use a damp cloth or soft brush with non-alkaloid detergent and water.
    - Rinse well and use extra caution if ramp surface is wet.



Folded size (L x W x H): 30-3/4" x 15" x 11-1/2" 36-3/4" x 15" x 11-1/2" 42-3/4" x 15" x 11-1/2" 48-3/4" x 15" x 11-1/2" 60-3/4" x 15" x 11-1/2"
Weight (lb): 16 each
(2 sections)
19 each
(2 sections)
22 each
(2 sections)
25 each
(2 sections)
30 each
(2 sections)
Usage Guidelines: Curbs, 1 to 2 steps, some minivans 1 to 3 steps, minivans, some vans & SUVs 1 to 3 steps, minivans, some vans & SUVs 2 to 3 steps, minivans, some vans & SUVs 2 to 4 steps, minivans,
some vans & SUVs


3 year limited warranty

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