Enfamil Enfalyte Cherry Splash Oral Electrolyte Solution

Enfamil Enfalyte Cherry Splash Oral Electrolyte Solution

Brand/Manufacturer: MEAD JOHNSON
  • Made in USA

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Enfamil Enfalyte Cherry Splash Oral Electrolyte Solution is designed to be fed to infants and children for the maintenance of water and electrolytes that might otherwise be lost during vomiting and diarrhea. It is formulated with the optimal balance of carbohydrates to promote fluid and electrolyte absorption. Enfalyte is made with natural fruit flavor.


  • Ready to use, no mixing or dilution required
  • Rapidly replaces fluids and electrolytes to help restore hydration without artificial ingredients
  • Higher level of electrolyte sodium and helps quickly restore hydration during illness
  • Lactose–free
  • Balanced levels of electrolytes not found in soft drinks and juices
  • Formulated with an optimal balance of carbohydrates to promote fluid and electrolyte absorption
  • Low osmolality (mOsm/kg water): 160
  • Calories per unit: 22

More Information

Water, corn syrup solids, salt (sodium chloride), potassium citrate, natural flavor, sodium citrate, citric acid.


Young children or those with other underlying conditions, febrile children, children with dysentery (blood or mucus in stools), significant diarrhea or persistent vomiting, and a caregivers report of signs and symptoms of dehydration or a change in mental status should have a medical evaluation to check for other serious conditions presenting with diarrhea, and to rule out conditions where oral rehydration would be contraindicated.

  • For Infants and Young Children -
    The dietary management of dehydration in children weighing less than 10 kg (22 pounds) with minimal dehydration includes replacement of ongoing losses with 2–4 fl oz of oral rehydration fluids for each watery stool or for each episode of vomiting; larger children should be given twice as much. The dietary management of children with mild or moderate dehydration should include replacement of their estimated fluid deficit within 2–4 hours using 50–100 mL per kilogram of weight, in addition to replacement for ongoing losses. Physicians should guide parents on appropriate intakes based on the weight, rate of fluid loss and clinical status of the infant.
    Nursing infants should continue nursing on demand. Formula–fed infants who require rehydration should be fed age-appropriate diets as soon as they have been rehydrated. Lactose–free diets are rarely necessary following diarrhea.
  • For Older Children and Adults -
    Recommended for all ages of children and adults. Older children and adults should continue their normal diet during episodes of diarrhea. Intake should be adjusted on the basis of clinical indications, amount of fluid loss, usual water intake and other relevant factors.
  • Enfamil Enfalyte in Conjunction with Other Fluids -
    When severe fluid losses or accumulated deficits require parenteral fluid therapy, Enfamil Enfalyte may be given orally while the infant, child or adult is also receiving parenteral therapy to supply part of the estimated fluid needs. Careful attention must be paid to the amount of Enfamil Enfalyte consumed as it contributes to the total fluid intake. After emergency needs have been met, Enfamil Enfalyte alone (orally) may be used. Once the patient can tolerate regular foods, they may be introduced and the amount of Enfamil Enfalyte correspondingly decreased.
  • Method of Administration - 
    It may be fed to infants from a bottle with nipple or a spoon, and to children and adults from a cup, spoon or straw. The calculated fluid deficient should be given in the first 2–4 hours. Ongoing losses should be replaced as they occur. The health of baby depends on carefully following these directions.
    - The bottles are not made with natural rubber latex.
    - Examine the bottle for signs of damage. For home use, discuss with parents the need to boil nipple assembly in water.
    - Remove cap and attach nipple unit (not included), or pour into clean feeding cup.
    - After opening, feed immediately, or cover and refrigerate Enfamil Enfalyte and feed within 48 hours. Throw away remaining Enfamil Enfalyte in feeding bottle or cup within 1 hour after feeding begins.
    - Store unopened bottles at room temperature. Avoid excessive heat. Do not freeze.

Carbohydrate and Calories:

100% of Calories in Enfamil Enfalyte are from carbohydrate. The carbohydrate source is corn syrup solids. Corn syrup solids consist primarily of short-chain polysaccharides that are digested by glucoamylase, an intestinal enzyme typically present even in infants with intestinal mucosal injury due to prolonged diarrhea. The carbohydrate in Enfamil Enfalyte helps promote fluid and electrolyte absorption. Enfamil Enfalyte is lactose-free.

Electrolytes-Sodium, Potassium, and Chloride:

Enfamil Enfalyte supplies physiologically important electrolytes in calculated amounts. It offers standardized electrolyte content not typically seen with water, tea, soft drinks, or other liquids with inappropriate, inconsistent, or unknown electrolyte composition. 


The osmolality of Enfamil Enfalyte is 160 mOsm / kg water. The osmolarity is 167 mOsm / L of solution. The low osmolar load of Enfamil Enfalyte helps facilitate absorption of water and electrolytes from the intestine without aggravating losses.


  • Use product by date on container
  • Urgent needs due to severe fluid imbalances must be met parenterally
  • Discontinue Enfamil Enfalyte when diarrhea has ceased


  • Do not use a microwave oven to warm product
  • Serious burns may result
  • Do not mix with infant formula, milk, fruit juices or other electrolyte containing liquids
  • Not for parenteral (I.V.) use


Nutrient Per 100ml Per 100ml
  mEg mg
Sodium 5 115
Potassium 2.5 98
Chloride 4.5 160
Nutrient Per 100ml
Corn Syrup Solids 3g per 100 mL
Calories 126 Calories per L
Citrates 33 mEq per L

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