Cue-Rx Advanced Medication Management System

Cue-Rx Advanced Medication Management System

  • FSA Approved

Cue-Rx Advanced Medication Management System monitors prescription schedule compliance of discharged patients in real-time. Patients never have to rely on self-reporting. It send a series of alerts to patients, caregivers, and hospital caseworkers about missed doses. Compliance data is easily accessible for evaluation and intervention. Cue-Rx is not a pill dispenser, its a medication management system. It provides a reliable system for storing medications in their original bottles with instructions, and taking them according to the appropriate schedule.

Cue-Rx Medication System Highlights

  • Alert missed doses in real time
  • Alerts to patient, caregivers, and family members 
  • Notifies hospital caseworker 
  • Improve dialogue with patients
  • Reduce risk for harmful medication interactions.

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CUERX Cue-Rx Medication System Each

Cue-Rx Medication System Features

  • No Comingling Of Pills - Providers and pharmacists view it as a strength that the pills remain in each bottle when using cue-Rx.
  • Plug & Play - Cue-Rx is on M2M own network so patients only need to plug the machine into the wall and it is immediately connected via the cloud. No wi-fi connections.
  • Comprehensive Patient Friendly Software - Every cue-Rx machine is assigned to an entity which can be managed via the cloud via cue-Rx intuitive software, Cue-Rx "ischeduler" app allows Cue-Rx "icaregivers" to custom program each patients pill regimen.
  • Customizable Alerts - Patients are notified via alarm, light, phone, and/or text message to take their pills. If the patient does NOT take their pill during the prescribed dosing window, a family member will be notified via text or phone.
  • 1 year software agreement

How Cue-Rx Medication System Works?

  1. Plug It In - NO cellular data plan required.
NO cellular data plan required
  1. Always Connected - Cue-Rx is connected to Healthcare providers and selected caregivers
Cue-Rx is connected to Healthcare providers and selected caregivers
  1. Reminder - When it is time for medication, Cue-Rx alerts the patient with customizable light and sound cues.
Cue-Rx alerts the patient with Customizable light and Sound Cues
  1. Alert - If a dose is missed: it sends text, phone or email alerts.
Cur-Rx Alerts If a Dose is Missed

Benefits To Patients & Their Families

  • Cue-Rx shares adherence in real-time - every time - with healthcare provider & family/caregivers
  • Prevents prescription under/over use
  • Pills stay in their original bottles to keep patients aware of any warnings (holds 10 standard size bottles.)
  • Simple enough for anyone to use at home
Cue-Rx Provides Benefits to Patients & Families

Benefits For Hospitals, Home Healthcare & Assisted Living

  • Better patient care & improved outcomes: Prevents prescription under/over use and interactions
  • Reduces unnecessary re-admissions
  • Simplifies compliance reporting
  • Dashboard allows for scheduling, remote monitoring, and reporting for an unlimited number of patients with easy to use software
  • Alerts are customizable for the patient, family and clinicians
  • Cue-Rx supplies its own cellular connectivity, no added IT needed on the part of the facility.
Cue-Rx Benefits For Hospitals, Home Healthcare & Assisted Living


1 year guarantee on software and data

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