Core PowerWrap Ankle Support

Core PowerWrap Ankle Support

Brand/Manufacturer: CORE PRODUCTS
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  • Made in USA

Core PowerWrap Ankle Support with exclusive Positive Tensioning System gives user a custom fit every time without the need to tie laces. Comes with hook and loop tabs with laces to hold brace in place. PowerWrap Ankle Support is easier and more cost effective than taping for stability. Features spiral stays which help to stabilize ankle and control abnormal eversion and inversion of ankle. With a soft fit over the Achilles tendon and seamless bottom, it is great for sports, home or anytime user need extra support.

Core PowerWrap Ankle Support Features

  • Bilateral design
  • Lace Design
  • Ankle supports encourage Ambulation (walking)
  • Edema (swelling) reduction
  • Retain proprioception (sensory perception of area)
  • Can help with Knee Hyper-Extension

WarningWARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -

Item # Desc Pkg Price
AKL-6350-BK-UNI Black, Universal Each
AKL-6350-BK-1XL Black, X-Large Each

Core PowerWrap Ankle Support Features

  • Lace design is great for post injury and provides excellent compression and outside inside support
  • Limits abnormal motion but allows appropriate and necessary motion
  • Retain strength
  • Fits:
    - Universal size: 6" to 12" (15cm to 30cm) ankle
    - X-Large size: 12" to 14" (30cm to 36cm) ankle
  • Indicated for:
    - Ankle Injury / Instability
    - Ankle Sprain: Most are inversion sprains (ankle turns in) 80%
    - Knee issues
    - Plantar Fasciitis

More On Core PowerWrap Ankle Support

Care Instructions:

  • Hand Wash Cold, Mild Soap.
  • No Chlorine Additive.
  • Hang Dry
  • Avoid direct heat.


  • Snug Fit Measurement: Devices are sized at a compressed fit.
    - Measuring loose vs. skin tight can result in incorrect measurement.
  • Measure: Ankle Circumference; Calf Muscle at the thickest area; Length from Ankle to Knee.
  • Can be dictated by support used.

Fitting Instructions:

  • Choose best device for injury.
  • Fit from behind the ankle to the front.
  • Best fit is from sitting position with foot flat on the floor.
  • Laces are fixed within the two velcro straps.Make lace adjustments first.
  • Apply the large velcro tabs and then pull across the long/slim velcro tabs to appropriate tightness.
  • Should be applied from the bottom of the brace (at toe end) to the top of the brace (calf end) or (bottom up) with laces or straps.
  • The higher the support length is up to and through the gastroc, the more effective the brace will be.
  • Mark devices Left / Right as they will tend to form to foot they shape.

Post Fitting Instructions:

  • Check fitting sitting down and also while walking.
  • Make sure brace has been fitted with appropriate strap tightness.
  • Brace should not dig into or irritate the Achilles tendon, bottom of the foot or top of the foot.
  • Add compression from straps starting from the bottom of the brace (at toe end) to the top of the brace (calf end) or (bottom up) with laces or straps.
  • Decrease compression from top (calf end) to bottom (toe end).
  • Disengaging velcro and securing tabs prior to and after wearing will help with future fittings.

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