Comtek Digitally Synthesized Wireless Auditory Assistance Kit

Comtek Digitally Synthesized Wireless Auditory Assistance Kit

Comtek Digitally Synthesized Wireless Auditory Assistance Kit is an extended fidelity FM system bringing out speech clarity like never before. It works as a remote microphone, overcoming common listening problems for those with hearing loss, background noise, reverberation and distance from the speaker. A higher signal-to-noise ratio plus a higher frequency response of the FM signal work together to maximize the performance of hearing aids, cochlear implants, and earphones. In addition to hearing aids with a telecoil, the listener wears the personal receiver and neckloop.

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AT-216 Wireless Auditory Assistance Kit Each


  • Comtek Digitally Synthesized Wireless Auditory Assistance Kit contents:
    - 1 M-216 wireless microphone transmitter
    - 1 CM-183RT microphone and clip
    - 1 PR-216 personal receiver
    - 1 NTC-102 neckloop transductor
    - 1 SM-N earphone assembly
    - 1 TM-10 conference table microphone adapter
    - 1 NBC 9-3-2 battery charger
    - 2 NH9-200 rechargeable batteries
    - 1 CB-36ST Attenuator adaptor cord
    - 1 FWA-216 Flexible specialty antenna
    - 2 BC-216’sbelt clips
    - 1 C-216 carrying case
  • If hearing aids are not used, the receiver and headphones may be used instead of the neckloop
  • Specially designed to take advantage of todays digital hearing aid technology
  • Incorporating special noise reduction circuitry to increase the speech clarity of the FM signal
  • Easy fit, snap-on clip allows users to simply clip on the transmitter or receiver to a pocket or belt
  • Specially designed battery compartment makes it impossible for the battery to be inserted backwards
  • Channel adjustment switches are covered by the snap-on clip to prevent accidental channel changes
  • Up to 50dB amplification
  • Click here for User Manual

More Information

  • Advantage:
    - This system not only works on the standard channels (1-40) in the 216 MHz band maintaining compatibility with other brands, but only COMTEK;s AT-216 works with the high dynamic range companded channels (41-60) for high fidelity sound reproduction rendering greater speech intelligibility
    - It has unique power conservation circuitry which allows a nine volt battery to be used with greater efficiency
    - Plus it makes possible the highest audio output level ensuring the effective and efficient use of the "T" coil neckloop system
    - The most versatile auxiliary audio input, transmitting audio programs from tape, CD players, TV, VCR;s, or from any audio device which has an auxiliary or line level audio output jack is now easier than ever
    - Whats more, when using the auxiliary audio input, the microphone may also be used to mix voice with the program information for special effects
    - Its multifunction capability also allows it to be used with compatible telephones and conference table microphones
  • Care and Maintenance
    Avoid excessive heat: Do not leave the transmitter or receiver in hot sun, on a radiator, or near other sources of high temperature
    - Avoid rough handling: The receiver and transmitter may be damaged if dropped. Use the snap - on belt clip whenever possible
    - Remove batteries when you store unit for a long time: When battery becomes exhausted, it may leak and damage the instrument. Even a new battery may leak because of a slight imperfection. Occasionally check for leakage
    - Keep battery terminals and contacts clean: Inspect to ensure that they are not corroded. If they are, polish them with a pencil eraser
    - Inspect cords and connectors frequently they are subject to wear: Replace frayed cords before they break
  • About FM System
    - FM systems transmit sound via radio waves (frequency modulation) from the speakers microphone to the listeners portable receiver
    - For more on assistive listening systems


2 year warranty

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