Comfy Finger Extender Hand Orthosis

Comfy Finger Extender Hand Orthosis

Brand/Manufacturer: COMFY SPLINTS
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Comfy Finger Extender Hand Orthosis offers support for the severely contracted hand and wrist. The splint acts as a buffer between fingers and palm in the tightly contracted hand and allows for gradual therapeautic increases in ROM of the DIP, PIP and MP joints. Two different sized firm hand rolls to add the padded top of the splint in order to encourage fingers to gradually increase extension.

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Total: $86.43
Total: $64.06


       Therapeutic Uses:

  • Graduated extension of the elbow, spastic clenched fingers and wrist
  • Corrects and controls radial or ulnar deviation
  • Controls wrist-drop Helps resctrict arthritic changes and deformity related to neuromascular impairment
  • Positions the flaccid hand and wrist
  • Maintains skin integrity by absorbing moisture, allowing air circulation and preventing skin maceration in elbow crease and on palmer surface
  • Allows for increased hygiene care by allowing skin and nail care and cleaning of palmer surface
  • Maintainance of functional position of the wrist and hand
  • Hard hand roll insert provide constant pressure on palmar surface to help decrease flexion synergy

  • The splint is adjustable and readjustable to individual patient without the use of heat or tools
  • The splint can be graduated up to increase finger and wrist extension by using two hand roll attachments
  • The handroll attachments are rigid to help decrease flexion synergyThe splint is soft with rounded padded edges to minimize self injury
  • The splint cover can be easily removed and laundered
  • The splint cover is made of durable terrycloth that absorbs moisture and prevents skin maceration
  • The splint cover is lined with soft foam and covers the whole frame of the splint so that any edges that touches the patient are padded to prevent pressure areas on patients body
  • The splint straps close with velcro, but no velcro touches the patients skin

More Information

  • Contra-Indications:
    - Patient has circulatory problems
    - Pressure areas or skin irritations appear
    - Patient has persistent pain in the wrist, finger or hand
    - Patient has increased edema, redness or blisters



Wrist to Top of Middle Finger

Total Length

Pediatric Small

2.5" to 3.5" 6.5"

Pediatric Medium

3" to 4.5" 7"

Pediatric Large

4.5" to 6" 9"

Adult Small

6" to 7" 11"


7" to 8" 12.5"

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