Columbia Lo-Back Toilet Support System with Padded Back

Columbia Lo-Back Toilet Support System with Padded Back

Brand/Manufacturer: COLUMBIA MEDICAL
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Columbia Lo-Back Toilet Support System with Padded Back is designed to support individuals with disabilities when positioned over a toilet. This toilet system is also available in a heavy duty version that features a stainless steel mounting base perfect for multiple-user facilities. It also features reduced seat depth. It is designed to assist with positioning through the use of support belts and comfort through padding and provide an enhanced toileting experience.

Features of Columbia Lo- Back Toilet Support System

The image shown is for Toilet Support System only and the Commode is not included.

  • Stainless steel heavy duty mounting base
  • Padded back for pressure reduction
  • Latex and silicone free

Item# TCL-4

Benefits- Lo-Back Toilet Support System

  • Features orthopedic contoured padded back with support belts
  • Easy to attach and remove from toilet
  • Easy to clean fabrics and materials
  • Adjustable back height
  • U-shape mounting base dimension:
    - 18.5"W x 3"D x 10"H
  • Note: Specification of with and without mounting base are similar
  • Note: Due to hygiene concerns this product is non-returnable
  • Note:Reduced seat depth (RSD): The base unit sits 4 inches forward to lessen seat depth when attached to U-Shape Mounting Base for model TCL-4210S

Highlights- Toilet Support System

  • Comfort
    - Orthopedically contoured back supports provide increased comfort and support
  • Easy to Clean
    -Combination of materials used (plastic and polyurethane padding) make it quick and easy to clean
  • Attachable Armrests:
    -Stainless steel frame with padded armrests, provide additional comfort and support for user
  • Footrest:
    Footrests that attach to the frame for additional comfort and support
  • Plastic Reducer Ring:
    -Fits on any toilet seat without tools or modification contains a built-in splash guard and is easy to clean
  • Padded Toilet Seat Reducer Ring:
    - Offers comfort and non-slip security
    - Has a large abductor or splashguard that is padded and removable
    - Fits any toilet size
    - Two sizes available: Small size with hole size 7"W x 8" L and Medium size with hole size 5"W x 6" L
  • Soft-Flex Splash Guard:
    - Designed for adults and larger children. Fits both an open or closed front toilet seat
  • Instruction Manual

More About Toilet Support System

Important Safety Instructions

  • Read and understand all instructions
  • Determine, with a physician or therapist, the suitability of this support for the intended user.
  • Users with limited physical capabilities should be supervised or assisted when using this product
  • Regularly check that all locking knobs, buckles, and other parts are tight
  • The toilet support should only be installed on toilet seats with a separate bolt and nut that goes through the toilet seat and toilet support. The toilet support should not be used with a toilet seat that has the bolt encapsulated within the plastic portion of the toilet seat

Installing Toilet Support

  • Step 1: Remove Toilet Seat
    • Remove the toilet seat from the toilet bowl. This is done by unscrewing the nuts on the two bolts that hold the seat onto toilet bowl.
    • If the bolts are rusted, use new nuts and bolts while replacing the toilet seat.
    • Do not install the toilet support on a toilet seat that has the bolt encapsulated within the plastic portion of the toilet seat
  • Step 2: Mount the Base Plate
    • Set the base plate directly on the toilet bowl, so the holes in the plate line up with those in the toilet bowl. Note: one have a choice of using the front or rear pair of holes in the plate, and may need to use the rear pair in order to clear the water tank on the toilet. Otherwise one may use the choice of holes, to position the support more forward or rearward, depending on the seat depth that would be most comfortable for the user of the support.
    • Replace the toilet seat, on top of the base plate, so the two bolts removed in Step 1 go through the holes in the plate as well as into the holes in the toilet bowl. Tighten the nuts firmly on the two bolts
  • Step 3: Attach the support Back
    • For use, slide the support back over the two upright posts on the base plate. When the back height is where user would like it, tighten the plastic locking knobs. To open the safety buckle, squeeze the top and bottom tabs together.
    • When not in use, remove the support back by loosening the plastic locking knobs and sliding the back off the posts

Cleaning The Toilet Support

  • Cleaning The Toilet Support Scouring powders (Ajax, Comet, etc.) are recommended for cleaning the chrome and metal post of user support.
  • Cleaning sprays and liquids are best for cleaning the plastic back.
  • Always keep the chrome parts dry to prevent deterioration of the finish.


Options TCL-4210S TCL-4310M TCL-4410L
Product Size Small Medium Large
Product Weight 5.5 lb 6.5 lb 7.75 lb
Inside back width at top 7" 11" 13"
Inside back width at bottom 7" 11" 13"
Back height range 7" to 14" 10" to 14" 10" to 17"


1 year manufacturer warranty

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