Carex Bed Buddy Hot And Cold Pack

Carex Bed Buddy Hot And Cold Pack

Brand/Manufacturer: CAREX HEALTH BRANDS
  • FSA Approved

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Bed Buddy Hot And Cold Pack can be used for both hot and cold therapy. It offers moist heat that is prescribed by a doctor to relieve achy muscles and other problems. Even when cold, it effortlessly hugs the body. Use it as a natural complement or replacement for over-the-counter medication.

Benefits of Bed Buddy Hot & Cold Wrap

  • Microwavable heat wrap
  • Doctor recommended moist heat for pain relief
  • Flexible form-fitting design
  • Filled with 100% natural grains, herbs, and flowers
  • Reusable and washable
  • Easy and safe, use as directed


Item # Desc Pkg Price
BBF1998 White Each

Features of Bed Buddy Hot And Cold Pack

  • Hot and cold therapy is an excellent alternative to medicines because of its safe and non-addictive qualities
  • Moist heat for swelling from acute injuries can help aid in healing
  • In contrast, cold therapy helps decrease blood flow to let the affected area's pain level die down
  • more natural healing with 100% natural grains, herbs, and flowers
  • Its natural healing allows for a safe and effective form of pain management without the risk of addiction from opioids
  • Bed Buddy Hot & Cold Wrap for continuous use
  • To wash it, use a wet rag or wipe to clean it

What to buy with Bed Buddy Heating Pad

How to use Bed Buddy Hot And Cold Wrap?

For Hot therapy:

  • Heat on clean microwave safe dish. Lay fl at and distribute contents of Bed buddy evenly lengthwise.
  • Do not leave bed buddy unattended while heating.
  • Leave in microwave for 1 minute before use.
  • Microwave heating times vary. Always touch-test temperature before use.
  • Overheating may cause cover to ignite.
  • Never heat a bed buddy that is wet in any manner. It can burn you.
  • Do not enclose the bed buddy in any manner. It can burn you.
  • Do not sit or sleep on the bed buddy.
  • Continuous low heat in one area can burn you. Continually shift the position of the bed buddy when in use.
  • Never wash the bed buddy inner pouches. Clean with a damp cloth only.
  • Use cold only over the eyes.
  • Always protect furniture and delicate fabrics.
  • Do not use this product on persons with nerve damage, circulatory problems, insensitive skin, or with damaged or broken skin; or on persons unable to remove this product such as infants, children, and some olderpersons.
  • Consult physician before use if pregnant or any medical conditions exist.

For Cold Therapy:

  • Put the Carex Bed Buddy therapy wrap inside a sealed plastic bag.
  • Place the plastic bag inside the freezer and leave to chill for at least 8 hours.
  • Test the wrap's temperature on your wrist before use. If it is too cold, wait until it is a comfortable temperature.
  • Apply the product to the affected area for no more than fifteen to twenty minutes. If you would like to reapply the wrap, put it back in the freezer and wait an hour. If you experience any discomfort, discontinue using the product.
  • Refreeze the item for future cold therapy use or keep at room temperature for future heat therapy.

Bed Buddy Body Wrap FAQ

Can you sleep with it?

Yes you can sleep with Bed Buddy Body Wrap.

How to make Bed Buddy Back Wrap a cold pack?

To make the Bed Buddy Hot & Cold Wrap cold, simply put it in freezer or refrigerator until it is at the desired temperature.

How to clean Bed Buddy Hot & Cold Wrap?

The best way to clean your Bed Buddy is by running a damp cloth over it. We highly caution against submerging it in water as it will damage the materials inside.

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