Cardionics E-Scope Clinical Stethoscope

Cardionics E-Scope Clinical Stethoscope

Brand/Manufacturer: CARDIONICS, INC.
  • FSA Approved

Cardionics E-Scope Clinical Stethoscope is lightweight and has a slim design to easily go around the neck when not being used. It can amplify sounds up to 30 times louder than an acoustic scope. This allows the user to listen in a traditional way with increased volume. The E-Scope is being use in general clinical practice, by hearing impaired nurses and MDs, for research purposes, to record patients for use in electronic medical records, and for telemedicine. It has a control filter switch which allows the user to concentrate on heart or breath sound frequencies within a specific range.

Item # Desc Pkg Price
718-7700 E-Scope Clinical Stethoscope Each


  • Cardionics E-Scope Clinical Stethoscope includes:
    - A zippered carry case
    - Pediatric diaphragm
    - Plastic adult diaphragm
    - Pediatric and infant bells
    - Ear tips
  • 64 possible volume positions with the maximum output of 125dB, undistorted
  • Control buttons are conveniently located on the head of the stethoscope
  • E-Scope is designed to remain at the same volume setting each time you power on
  • Automatic shut off after two minutes, uses standard AAA battery (not included) 
  • Fingertip control of volume and heart sound or breath sound filters are on the head of the stethoscope
  • Volume control on the head of the stethoscope for easy increase and decrease of sound levels
  • Automatic volume restart remembers the last volume setting
  • USB-style side output jack for accessories including headphones for a second listener or connecting cables to a PC for recording purposes in electronic medical records and telemedicine
  • E-Scope design reduces the amplification of unwanted outside room noise
  • Maximum amplitude or sound pressure level output is 120dB at 100Hz (about 30 times louder than an acoustic stethoscope)
  • Automatic timer will power off to conserve the battery
  • Stainless-steel diaphragm produces 50% greater sound sensitivity, a more comfortable feel, and allows listener to use the split-finger technique. (supplied with E-Scope)

More Information

  • Sound Quality:
    The E-Scope delivers unparalleled sound quality for heart, breath, bowel and Korotkoff sounds

  • Sounds Output:
    - The sounds output allows the user to connect to a PDA for recording, (See pocket monitor)

  • Automatic shut-off:
    - If the user forgets to turn off the E-Scope, it will automatically shut down after two minutes. It can be re-started with the touch of a button. This conserves the battery. Upon restart, the E-Scope returns to its previous volume setting

  • Frequency control:
    - A frequency switch for heart sounds (45-900 Hz) and breath sounds (50-2000 Hz) allows the listener to concentrate on a particular sound within a specific frequency range

  • Selection of bells, diaphragms:
    - The E-Scope is the only electronic stethoscope on the market that allows the user to change from a diaphragm to a bell. A selection of diaphragms and bells is supplied with every E-Scope

  • Extra ear tips:
    The E-Scope is supplied with two additional types of ear tips so the user can select the most comfortable according to individual taste

  • Off-the-Shelf Battery:
    - The E-Scope operates on a standard, off-the-shelf AAA battery. It will power the E-Scope for approximately 4-5 months of regular use

  • Pocket moniter:
    The E-Scope can be connected to a PDA (personal digital assistant) to display, record and playback heart sounds (as a phonocardiogram) and breath sounds (as a phonopneumogram). See Pocket moniter software for more information

  • General clinical use:
    The E-Scope can be used for routine patient examination. This can be especially useful when coupled with the Pocket Monitor (PDA Software)

  • Hearing Impaired use:
    The E-Scope Belt model with external E-Scope headphones can be used for ITE(in-the-ear) type hearing aids. For BTE (behind-the-ear), we provide a direct audio input to the audio shoe of the hearing aid. For cochlear implants, we can provide a direct coupling to the speech processor

  • Teaching:
    The E-Scope can be used for teaching as well as clinical use. The sounds output will allow two listeners to hear the patient simultaneously. When used in this manner, the second listener wears a stethophone (Cardionics cat. no. 718-0401) that is inserted into the Sounds Output of the E-Scope

  • Telemedicine:
    Use the E-Scope with the Sigma Telemed System to transmit sounds live over the Internet. Or use the E-Scope with the Telecoder Audio Encoder/Decoder to transmit sounds across a broad array of line types, including ISDN, DSL, Cable, etc


1 year warranty

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