Bongers Percussion Massager

Bongers Percussion Massager

Brand/Manufacturer: MISCELLANEOUS

Bongers Percussion Massager is a hand-held massage tool that provides an invigorating percussion-like massage called tapotement, which improves circulation, eases muscle tension, and reduces the appearance of cellulite. It is good for breaking down muscle tension and stimulating circulation. Most people store tension in their neck and shoulders, and that is usually where Bongers are most effective. However, it feel good all over giving an invigorating, Shiatsu-like massage.

Bongers Massage Tool Benefits

  • Ergonomic handle
  • Adjustable strap
  • Metal shaft design
  • Shiatsu-like massage

Item # Desc Pkg Price
14-1411 Purple Pair
14-1412 Cosmic Pair

Features of Bongers Percussion Massager

  • Longer handle to reach more places
  • Adjustable strap to allow Bongers to be hung and worn
  • Slightly softer ball for massaging sore muscles with ease
  • Ergonomic handle to reduce hand fatigue and improve grip
  • Metal shaft design allows for more flexibility as well as durability
  • Bongers Massage Tool helps combat tension, stress, and headaches
  • Brings relief to sore, tired and overworked muscles
  • Improves blood circulation and energy flow, which boosts immunities and revitalizes body, mind, and spirit
  • Helps to loosen and relieve areas that have active trigger points
  • Bongers are the original ancient oriental massage tools

Why choose Bongers Hand Held Massage Tool?

  • Pain Relief
    • Whether it's the lower back, upper shoulders, arms, or legs where you are looking for pain relief, Bongers can help.
    • Sometimes we misuse and strain our bodies in unnatural ways, which leads to sore muscles and stiff joints.
    • Other issues that can be tackled with Bongers are carpal tunnel syndrome, cramps, pain caused by pregnancy, and flat feet.
    • By bonging away these pains, we can go back to focusing on how we should use our bodies instead of simply reacting to the pain.
  • Relaxation and Stress Relief
    • Stress is one of those conundrums that develop in our minds from bleak perspectives.
    • However, this stress can resurface negatively in our attitude, thought process, and even our bodies with such mechanisms as headaches, anxiety, and nausea.
    • These troublesome mechanisms act as the body’s warning system that something is wrong.
    • While spas and massage therapists can do this for you, sometimes the expensive cost gets you more stressed out than you were before.
    • Relaxing with a Bongers massage after a long day can reset your stress levels back to zero and approach any daily challenges with a fresh perspective.
  • Circulation and Good Health
    • Proper body circulation is one of the most important aspects of obtaining better health.
    • Bongers effectively stimulate blood flow, which can help revitalize low energy caused by depression and hangovers, destroy cellulite, and break up congestion from pneumonia, bronchitis, and chest colds.
    • By improving your circulation with Bongers, you can also ward off the numerous disorders related to poor circulation and help counteract the effects of aging.
  • Proprioception
    • Bongers can also be a wonderful proprioception tool while strengthening your wrists, arms, and shoulders.
    • Users can hold the Bongers straight up vertically and wobble the ball left to right while holding their arms rigid to exercise their shoulders.
    • Users can also wobble the ball toward and away from them to exercise their triceps and arms.
    • If you stare at the ball while wobbling the ball or massaging, it helps train your brain to pinpoint where your hand is located in space, thus improving proprioception.
    • This helps with hand-eye coordination and is extremely useful during recovery from stroke, Muscular Dystrophy, dementia, or Parkinson’s.

What to buy with Percussive Massage Tool

How to use Bongers Handheld Percussive Massage Tool?

German Grip

This grip is borrowed from the “German style” of playing drums and percussion. The Bongers themselves encourage proper technique for drumming by rebounding immediately after impact, making Bongers a great pedagogical tool. To start bonging using this grip:

  1. Place your thumb on the edge of the wooden collar. Your thumb should be vertical and perpendicular to the metal shaft. (See pictures below)
  2. Wrap your first finger around the other side of the wooden collar. The crease of your first joint of your first finger should be aligned with the metal shaft and the center of your thumb. (Imagine there was no wooden collar so the metal shaft would rest inside of the crease of the first joint.
  3. Now wrap the remaining 3 fingers loosely below the indented shoulder. The middle finger will rest on the indented shoulder, while the pinky approximately lines up on the two carved lines near the bottom.
  4. At this point the metal shaft should be parallel with the natural line your forearm and hand makes. This should let you think of the Bonger™ as an extension of your own arm.
  5. Lastly, using your wrist bring the Bonger up in the air to a “starting position.” Then in one smooth motion bring the Bonger down and back up, allowing for the natural bounce and recoil to bring the Bonger back to the starting position. This way, the more energy you put into the stroke, the more it will recoil to pull the pain out of the person instead of digging in.

French Grip

  1. Depending on where you are trying to bong, it may be more comfortable to use this technique instead of the “German grip.” The “French grip” also allows for more natural recoil, which results in a slightly lighter, surface based massage.
  2. To get in this grip, start with the “German grip” described above. Then rotate your hand, or turn the bongers, 90 degrees, so your thumb is parallel with the wider portion of the metal shaft.
  3. If bonging using this method seems too “floppy”, you can move your thumb up onto the metal shaft to dampen some of the recoils.
  4. By using this grip you can also incorporate your fingers and use more of a flicking motion. To do this, simply use a light squeezing motion from your middle, ring, and pinky fingers moving towards the palm of your hand. You can practice this with each of these 3 fingers separately or in sequence for increased bonging stamina.
  5. When bonging your own neck and back, try using the “reverse french grip” by bonging toward your thumb.

There are some Bonging Tips

There are endless possibilities when using Bongers. They are so much more than handheld percussive massage therapy tools. We've put these tips together based on our own experience and the feedback our thousands of satisfied customers have sent us over the past few decades. Take a look, enjoy, and bong away!

  • Always be sure to ask whoever is receiving the Bongers message if they want you to bong them softer or harder. Never Bong sensitive areas such as the kidneys.
  • Try gently massaging your cat, dog, or other pets with Bongers!
  • ”Rolling” is another massage method that can be used. To do this, hold the Bonger loosely in one hand while the other hand rolls the ball back and forth, just like using a rolling pin!
  • Give your shoulders, biceps, and triceps a toning workout by holding one Bonger vertically between both hands and wobbling the ball back and forth and side to side.
  • Try coating the balls with aromatic scents and massage oils when massaging bare skin. Just remember to wipe off the Bonger after use! Aromatherapy is a powerful adjunct.
  • Use a reflexology hand, foot chart, or trigger points chart for ideas on where to bong for specific relief.

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