Bite-or-Puff Air Operated Switch

Bite-or-Puff Air Operated Switch

Brand/Manufacturer: MED LABS, INC
  • Made in USA

Item 1/4 is backorder and will be available to purchase once it is back in stock.

Bite-or-Puff Air Operated Switch is ideal for people with high-level paralysis. It helps to operate and control a nurse call system, a computer or communicator and other low power devices. The pressure required to operate it is very small and is provided by a gentle bite, puff or squeeze on the bulb connected to the air tube. This versatile general purpose switch can also be operated as a puff switch by cutting off the end of the bulb.

Item # Desc Pkg Price
BOP Bite-or-Puff With 1/8" Mini Phone Plug Each
BOP Bite-or-Puff With 1/4" Standard Phone Plug Each

Bite-or-Puff Includes

  • Air Tube: Silicone Rubber tubing, 0.1" dia x 46"
  • Polyethylene Bite Bulbs: Sterile pack, 20 each, 0.4" dia x 3.5"
  • Features
    - Bulb may comfortably be left in the mouth for an extended period of time
    - A gentle bite on the bulb will trigger the switch
    - Bulb can be a sterile Bite-or-Puff bulb (20 included), an infant ear syringe, or even a childs squeeze toy
    - Maximum Pressure: 25 psi
    - Trip Pressure: preset to 1 inch of water (0.04 psi)
    - Switch: Momentary Contact, Gold-plated contacts
    - Maximum Switch Rating: 25 Volts, 25 mA, AC/DC
    - Air Tube: Silicone Rubber tubing, 0.1" ID by 46"

More Information

  • Bite frequently has a significant advantage over puff since
    - Jaw muscles are powerful
    - Bite does not need lip seal around the bulb
    - It is easier to keep clean


Options Specifications

Maximum Pressure


Trip Pressure

Preset to 1" of water (0.04psi)


Momentary Contact, Gold plated contacts

Maximum Switch Rating

25V, 25mA, AC or DC


1 year, Parts and Workmanship.

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