BioMedical GV 350 High-Volt Pulsed Stimulator

BioMedical GV 350 High-Volt Pulsed Stimulator

  • FSA Approved

BioMedical GV 350 High-Volt Pulsed Stimulator is a two channel device that delivers full powered twin peak stimulation. It has alternating or continuous stimulation, a timer for desired treatment periods and provides a fully adjusted pulse rate with two active outputs, and one dispersive return. This device is intended to be used under medical supervision only for adjunctive therapy, in the treatment of medical diseases and conditions.

Item # Desc Pkg Price
KGV GV 350 HVPS Each

BioMedical GV 350 Features

  • Two channel device that delivers full powered twin peak stimulation
  • The pulsed galvanic twin peak monophasic waves are delivered in pairs
  • Includes
    - GV350 HVPS device
    - (4) 2" x 2" square electrodes
    - (1) 4" x 7" dispersive electrode
    - (3) GV lead wires (1 black, 2-red)
    - (4) AA batteries
    - Hard plastic case
    - Belt clip
    - Instruction manual

More About BioMedical GV 350

  • Indications
    High Voltage Pulsed Galvanic (HVPG) devices should only be used under medical supervision for adjunctive therapy in the treatment of medical diseases and conditions.
  • HVPG Applications 
     -Maintain or increase range of motion
    - Prevent or retard disuse atrophy
    - Reeducate muscles
    - Relax muscle spasms Increase local blood circulation
    - Prevent venous thrombosis by immediate post-surgical stimulation of selective muscles 
  • Contraindications 
    - Cardiac Pacemakers: HVPG should not be used on patients with demand-type cardiac pacemakers.
    - Cancer Patients: Do not use HVPG on cancer patients. 
  • Warnings 
    - Heart Patients: Adequate precautionary measures should be taken prior to using HVPG on patients suspected of having heart disease.
    - Transthoracic Stimulation: Use caution in transthoracic application of HVPG as introduction of electrical current may cause arrhythmias.


Particulars Dimensions
Size 2.75" x 4.5" x 1.5" (6.9 cm x 11 cm x 3.8 cm)
Weight 8.1 oz (229 grams)
Channels 2 active outputs, 1 dispersive return
Waveform Pulsed galvanic twin peak monophasic delivered in pairs
Pulse Width Interpulse intervals of 100 microseconds. 5 Microseconds at 50% of peak voltage
Pulse Rate 1 - 100 Hz
Output Voltage 0 - 350 volts adjustable
Output Current Adjustable 0 - 700 mA peak
Polarity Switch Positive and negative of active electrodes
Stimulation Continuous alternating: ON for 5 seconds and OFF for 5 seconds
Timer 15, 30, 60 min.
Indicator Light Two, one for each active output
Power Source 4 AA or optional “Nova” SeriesTM wall adaptor
Number of Electrodes 1 dispersive pad, 2 active pads
Number of Lead Wires 1 dispersive 72" (1.8 m), 2 pair 72" (1.8 m)
Tolerances ±10%


Output parameters are across a 500 ohm resistance.



- 3 Year Limited Warranty.

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