BIGmack Communicator
BIGmack Communicator

BIGmack Communicator

Brand/Manufacturer: ABLENET
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BIGmack Communicator records any single message directly. User can press its activation surface for playback up to two minutes in length. With its large, five inch activation surface, it is an excellent choice for persons with visual impairments and persons with physical disabilities who require a larger target area.

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  • BIGmack Communicator is powered by a replaceable 9V battery which never needs charging and can last for weeks or even months on a single battery
  • Switch tops included: Red, Yellow, Green, Blue
  • Easy single-message recording
  • Crystal-clear digital sound
  • Volume control and On and Off switch
  • External switch jack for specialty switch operation
  • Toy or appliance jack with cable

Advance Features 
  • Playing a message with an External Switch
    Attach the switch of your choice with a 1/8-inch (3.5mm) plug into the switch input jack and continue to use the device as before. (Jacks indicated with.....)
  • Controlling Toys or Appliances
    Plug any switch-adapted toy or appliance into the TOY/APPL jack. When the BIG is activated, the attached toy or appliance will activate for the length of the recorded message. (Jacks indicated with....)

How To Use BIGmack Communicator?

  1. Choose your Switch Color
    Firmly, rotate the colored switch top counter-clockwise to remove. Attach a new color by rotating the cap clockwise until it stops.A Snap Switch Cap is included with your BIGmack. Place a picture or symbol on the switch top, and secure by snapping your Switch Cap over it.
  2. Insert Batteries and Turn On
    Connect one 9-volt battery at the bottom of the device.Rotate the Volume ON/OFF knob to turn the device on. Press the tab and slide to remove the base.
  3. Enter Record Mode
    Press and Hold the RECORD button until the RECORD Light activates, then Release.
  4. Record a Message
    Press and Hold the switch top, begin speaking when you hear a beep. Release when finished. RECORD Light will flash while recording.
  5. Exit Record Mode
    Press and Release the RECORD button to exit Record Mode. Your BIGmack is ready for use. NOTE: This device has 2 minutes of total recording time. The light will turn yellow and flash when only ten seconds of time remain.

How To Mount BIGmack With Mounting Base?

  1. BIGmack can be mounted using the Large Triangular Mounting Plate and a variety of mounting systems. Screw the mounting plate into place using the three holes.
  2. Release the base by pressing the quick release tab on the mounting base and sliding towards the back of the device.
  3. Attach the base by aligning the four posts on the Base with the corresponding holes. Slide the base forward until it clicks.
  4. For a temporary mount, use a #8 pan head screw and the two vertical slots on the Mounting Base.
  5. For permanent mounting, screw the mounting base into place with the three holes shown at left.


Recording Time2 Min
Switch Input1
Toy/Appliance Output/ECU1
Activation Surface5-in/12.7-g
Activation Force3-5-oz/85-142-g
Weight with Battery15.5-oz/439-g
Accessories AvailableTravel strap, Mounting Plate
Mounting ConnectionUniversal Mounting Plate


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