Bauerfeind AchilloTrain Achilles Tendon Ankle Support

Bauerfeind AchilloTrain Achilles Tendon Ankle Support

Brand/Manufacturer: BAUERFEIND USA INC
  • FSA Approved

Bauerfeind AchilloTrain Achilles Tendon Ankle Support is useful in cases of pain or inflammation in the achilles tendon due to excessive strain or after operations. It helps to relieve pain and stabilize the achilles tendon without restricting mobility. Due to the contoured, three-dimensional knit, it is constructed to conform to the natural shape of the ankle, so the ankle is still mobile, but gets the stability it needs. Extra cushioning on the Achilles and heels make the brace comfortable all day, while the breathable material prevents moisture build-up.


Item # Desc Pkg Price
927381 Size 4, Left Each
927383 Size 5, Left Each
927384 Size 5, Right Each
927382 Size 4, Right Each
927377 Size 2, Left Each
927378 Size 2, Right Each
927376 Size 1, Right Each
927379 Size 3, Left Each
927380 Size 3, Right Each


  • Bauerfeind AchilloTrain Achilles Tendon Ankle Support features an integral heel cushion that relieves the tendon
  • Pressure-reduced edges ensures comfortable fit without constricting movement, bunching or slipping
  • Improves circulation
  • Contoured insert running along the Achilles tendon, the pad distributes the pressure uniformly
  • High elasticity, makes the support easy to put on and take off
  • Stretchy knit material breathable and comfortable fabric is machine-washable in the gentle cycle, which helps maintain its elasticity and original fit
  • Indicated for:
    - For acute relief (recent injury or surgery)
    - Achilles pain
    - Achilles swelling
    - Achilles tendinitis
    - Haglund's deformity
    - Heel pain
    - Heel swelling
    - Pump bump
    - Heel bursitis

More Information

  • Contraindications:
    - Hypersensitive reactions harmful to health have not been reported to date
    - In the following conditions such aids should only be fitted and applied after consultation with medical retailer
    - Skin disorders and injuries in the relevant part of the body, particularly if in‚flammation is present
    - Any raised scars with swelling, redness and excessive heat build-up
    - Impaired sensation and circulatory disorders of the foot, e.g. Diabetes mellitus
    - Impaired lymph drainage including soft tissue swellings of uncertain origin located remotely from the fitted aid
  • Fitting AchilloTrain :
    - Fold the upper part of the support outwards until the heel wedge can be gripped
    - Pull the support over the foot until the heel is at the heel wedge
    - Then pull up the folded-over part of the support taking care that the pro‚ led insert is to the side of the Achilles tendon
    - Adjust the fit of the support as necessary
    - Insert the supplied compensation pad in the shoe of the healthy foot in such a way that it is ‚flush with the heel area of the shoe


Size Circumference
1 6-3/4" to 7-1/2"
2 7-1/2" to 8-1/4"
3 8-1/4" to 9"
4 9" to 9-7/8"
5 9-7/8" to 10-5/8"

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