Baseline Smedley Spring Type Adult Dynamometer

Baseline Smedley Spring Type Adult Dynamometer

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Baseline Smedley Spring Type Adult Dynamometer has been used successfully to measure grip strength. Adjustable handle comfortably accommodates any hand size. Force indication pointer remains at maximal force until reset. To reset, simply rotate pointer counter-clockwise until it rests against the zero pin.

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#12-0281 Adult, 220lb (100kg) Capacity Each


  • Baseline Smedley Spring Type Hand Dynamometer comes with protective carrying case
  • Calibrated in both pounds and kilograms
  • Dimensions: 9" x 2" x 6"

More Information

  • Force Range:
    Measures from zero up to 220 pounds (100 kilograms). Use the child size (110 lb. maximal force reading) for smaller forces and higher resolution
  • Resolution and Precision:
    Measurement gradations are every five pounds (within black outer ring) and are every 2 kilograms (within white inner ring)
  • Grip Size:
    To size grip, open latch on the right side of dynamometer so grip could rotate freely. Rotate grip clockwise for larger grip and counter-clockwise for the smaller grip. As a grip size reference, measure the distance between grip base and base of the frame. Record this measurement. When appropriate grip size is reached, close latch and administer grip test. Tests should not be administered while grip can rotate freely. Grip size should always be the same for a single individual
  • Procedure:
    When administering grip strength tests, face gauge outward, facing away from the patient. Stabilize patients arm and instruct patient to gradually increase effort until the maximal effort is attained. This might take three seconds or so. Record reading and reset dial. Repeat test three times, allow- ing the patient a brief period to rest between each trial and use the average of the three trial to determine the grip strength
  • Care:
    For continued use of the dynamometer for years to come be sure to take good care of it. Keep unit in the protective carrying case when not in use to prevent water damage and accidental dropping. Wipe off any water or liquid that might get on dynamometer to prevent the spring from rusting

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